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Buy weed online: Marijuana for Hepatitis C medication side effects

Buy weed online. Hepatitis C (HCV) is a common virus that can cause problems with the liver that last for a long time. Some people who have bad side effects from HCV or HCV medicines use marijuana, which is also called cannabis.

What is Hepatitis C?

The virus that causes hepatitis C makes the liver sick. It is spread by the blood that is already sick, which happens a lot when drug users share needles. It can also be given to:

  • tattoo needles
  • the act of giving birth (from an infected mother to a healthy baby, the child)
  • people give blood
  • sexual contact (rarely)

People with HCV may not show any symptoms for months, years, or even decades. Most of the time, the condition is diagnosed when liver symptoms cause problems that need to be checked out by a doctor.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which works to change marijuana laws, says that a lot of people with HCV use cannabis to help with the virus’s general symptoms. People who are sick from other HCV treatments are also given cannabis to help them feel better. This is something that people often do, but research has shown that the results aren’t always good. Long-term, it’s not clear whether marijuana is good or bad.

What does hepatitis C have to do with cannabis?

Marijuana alone can’t treat an HCV infection or the complications that can lead to liver disease and cirrhosis. Instead, the drug may help you feel less sick when you take the medicines that are used to treat the virus. Marijuana can be:

  • smoked and took a breath
  • taken in by swallowing pills or eating food
  • as a tincture taken in under the tongue
  • vaporized

A few studies have found that people who use marijuana are more likely to stick to their treatment plans. These studies have shown that antiviral drugs are easier to take when they don’t have as many bad side effects. This will help more students complete the course. In the end, things work out better.

The research on this topic has yielded mixed results. Many people with HCV use marijuana, according to the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, which is a reliable source. The study also showed that people who took the drug as part of their overall treatment plan didn’t always follow the plan more closely than people who didn’t take the drug.

The liver biopsies or the “hard results” of the antiviral treatment didn’t change because of marijuana use. At the same time, taking the drug wasn’t always bad. Even though it had been suggested by previous research, the study didn’t find any proof that smoking cannabis or taking cannabis pills is worse for the liver.

Buy weed online: There are also other ways to treat Hepatitis C

Not all states let people use marijuana. This is true even when medicines are used to treat HCV. What’s the good news? As the field gets better, medicines are getting better, and treatment times are getting shorter.

Antiviral drugs are usually the first line of defense against HCV. The traditional length of drug treatment is between 24 and 72 weeks. This treatment can make you feel like you have the flu, give you anemia, or make your white blood cell count drop. With new combinations of antiviral drugs, the treatment could take only 12 weeks instead of 24. The worst side effects are also much less bad.

If the medicine you’re taking makes you sick, your doctor can give you medicine to help you feel better. Some of these things are:

  • Zofran
  • Compazine
  • Phenergan
  • Trilafon
  • Torecan

You can find pills that come in suppositories if you feel too sick to take pills.

You may also be able to stop feeling sick by changing what you eat and how you live.

Keep a food diary to keep track of any food triggers.

Eat small, frequent meals.

If you feel sick as soon as you wake up, try putting food by your bed and getting up more slowly.

Buy weed online: Hepatitis C danger signs

Cannabis has some risks, just like most other drugs and treatments. Marijuana may cause dizziness. It can also make you more likely to bleed, change how much sugar is in your blood, and lower your blood pressure.

Pot can also be bad for the liver. It’s still not clear if marijuana makes HCV liver disease worse or not.

Diseases Spreading in the Clinic

In 2013, Trusted Source published a study about how using marijuana makes HCV symptoms worse. On average, seven joints were used every day by a group of almost 700 people. In the end, this study did not find strong evidence that smoking marijuana causes liver fibrosis. Even if a person smoked ten more joints per week than the average, the likelihood of being diagnosed with cirrhosis would not change significantly.

A 2006 study in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology found that people with HCV who use marijuana are more likely to stick to their treatment plans. In the end, they decided that “the potential benefits of a higher chance of treatment success seem to outweigh the risks.”

Still, scientists don’t all agree. There needs to be more research done in this area to learn more about the pros and cons.

See your doctor

There haven’t been many studies done on using marijuana to treat HCV symptoms and drug side effects. Still, the information we have now suggests that the drug can help in some situations. Talk to your doctor before you ever use marijuana or any other drug.

Talk to your doctor about adding cannabis to your treatment plan if you think it might help. You will need to find out if medical marijuana is legal in your state. If nausea is making it hard for you to stick to your current treatment plan, your doctor might be able to suggest something else, like Zofran.

Buy weed online: Final Words

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