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Buy Weed Online: Why Does CBD Cost So Much?

CBD supplements cost more than most other supplements when you buy weed online. For newcomers, it may seem crazy that companies charge so much for something that is now used daily. But there are a few good reasons CBD costs more than other things.

This article talks about nine possible reasons why CBD costs so much. It depends on the brand, but generally, customers are willing to pay more for better goods.

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1. This product is still pretty new.

In the end, CBD is still new. It has only taken off in the last ten years, so it is a new player in the supplement business. So, part of the price is the fact that it’s new.

There has been a small amount of inflation, as most things hit the market.

In 2018, the US government made it legal to grow hemp. This means that the legal market in the US has only been up and running for about five years. Part of the cost comes from manufacturers trying to make the process easier, especially by paying farmers while they figure out how to grow hemp that makes money.

2. It’s hard to grow hemp.

When it comes to growing hemp, the costs can be high. This statement might make you think twice if you know anything about hemp. It’s a hardy crop that doesn’t need much water after all.

But it is harder to grow high-quality hemp. First of all, most good CBD brands want to use organic hemp. When plants are meant to be eaten by people, it’s best to avoid using chemicals to help them grow. Growing organically can be more expensive because the farmer has to spend money on other ways to keep pests away.

Also, a lot of high-quality hemps are picked and dried by hand, raising labor costs.

Lastly, it’s important to think about the cost of a lawyer. Even though it is legal to grow hemp in the US, most states have strict rules about how it can be grown. Farmers must go through government inspections and pay for licenses, which adds to the cost.

3. People want CBD a lot.

It’s sometimes as easy as supply and demand. Because CBD is so popular, companies can charge what they want.

Grandview Research said the global CBD market would be worth $2.8 billion in 2020. Since then, it’s grown, and it’s still going up.

As long as CBD keeps getting a lot of attention, prices will likely stay high.

4. Extra fees for lab tests and certification

Because of how they are made, CBD brands have to pay extra money for some things. We’ve already talked about the costs of growing hemp, but there are still more steps that brands must take.

Brands with a good reputation always have lab reports for their products. They have to send samples of their products to a separate lab often so that toxins and heavy metals can be checked. They also examine the cannabinoid content.

Such tests can be pricey, and the brand has to pay for them. Part of this cost has to be paid for by the customer.

But it’s worth showing that the product is good and safe. Only the best CBD brands go out of their way to ensure their products are good. 

In some cases, brands also want their products to be certified by bodies not part of the brand. Some CBD products, for example, have certifications that say they are organic, kosher, or vegan. There may be fees for these checks, adding to the cost again.

5. Hard to get out to people

CBD laws are different in each state. There needs to be more unity, which is why big companies like Amazon have banned the sale of CBD on their sites. So, it’s up to the manufacturer to pay the very high shipping costs.

Smaller companies usually need help to do this, so they build shipping costs into the price of their CBD products. This can be cheaper for well-known brands.

6. Only some products are made the same.

When shopping for CBD, you might notice that different brands have different prices. When it comes to CBD, you do get what you pay for.

Most of the time, products that cost more have a higher price tag because:

  • Better research behind the product, like companies hiring trained pharmacists
  • Hemp of a better quality
  • More tests in the lab, more often, and more accurately
  • Better and safer ways to get the oil out

These are just a few things that can change how much something costs. As the market for CBD becomes more crowded, manufacturers must do more and more to prove their worth and stand out. There must be a financial cost to making better products.

7. The process of extraction can be hard.

There are different ways to get CBD out of hemp. Some, like getting olive oil out of olives, don’t work well on an industrial scale.

Most brands either use CO2 extraction or extraction with a solvent. Both ways have good and bad points.

Most people think that supercritical CO2 extraction is the best method because it works well, produces high yields, and is safe. Carbon dioxide is safe for people to drink, so there is no chance that the final oil will have any harmful substances.

CO2 extraction, on the other hand, needs high-tech equipment that can only be used by someone trained. Costs go up because manufacturers have to buy the machines and hire skilled technicians to use them.

It could be said that CO2 extraction is worth it for peace of mind, both in terms of the safety of the product and the quality of the cannabinoids.

8. Major Investment Required

Making CBD oil takes a long time and a lot of work. Start-ups have a lot of costs at the beginning, such as working with farmers or buying farmland. Then there are tools for harvesting, drying, storing in warehouses, and more. As already said, extraction tools are also very expensive.

All of this adds up, and that’s not even considering the cost of skilled workers’ time.

So, new CBD companies may try to cover some start-up costs by charging more for their CBD oils. This price may decrease over time, but licensing fees and other recurring costs can keep the price high.

9. Pricing Is Often Misunderstood

People sometimes need to learn how much different CBD products cost. Depending on the brand, CBD products may be listed by how many milligrams they have or how much cannabidiol they have. This can be hard to understand because a higher percentage sometimes means more CBD.

CBD is best evaluated by its price per milligram. For instance, our 300 mg tincture costs $54, which equals $0.18 per mg CBD. On the other hand, our 1000-mg tincture costs $139, which is $0.14 per mg. So, the second one gives you more for your money.

If you use a lot of CBD at once, knowing about things like this could help you make better decisions about how much CBD to buy weed online.

Buy weed online: Is it worth it to buy cheaper CBD?

There are cheaper ways to get CBD, but it’s usually best to stay away from them. It can end up costing more and being a waste of money because they need to work better. It’s better to spend a lot on a good product from the start than to buy a cheap one and then have to buy a better one anyway.

A small investment in CBD is an investment in your health and happiness; sometimes, it’s worth it to go the extra mile and treat yourself.

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