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CBD vs. THC: Which weed for sale should you buy?

Weed for sale, cannabis, marijuana or pot are legal in countries like Canada & Uruguay, including many states in America. As a result, consumers became impertinent on which weed for sale to choose.

Here I will discuss the two principal components of weed to aid you in deciding  which type of weed for sale you should buy.

What is the main difference between CBD and THC?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC) both come from cannabis.

“Hemp” is a term coined to identify cannabis containing 0.3% THC or less by dry weight.

While “marijuana” is for cannabis containing more than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

Medical benefits between CBD and THC

The THC component of weed is the psychoactive component which causes the “high”. On the other hand, the CBD component is non-psychoactive but may help in relieving inflammation and pain.

THC is for its euphoric effect. Thus, this component may provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, and sedation. Moreover, other effects may lead to decrease in appetite, anxiety, and nausea.

On the other hand, CBD may help with seizure, pain relief and is anti-inflammatory. It may also relieve nausea, migraine and anxiety. However, this component is still subjected to research for its medical use.

What are the common side effects of CBD and THC?

Usually, weed can cause side effects when there is drug-to-drug interaction particularly with the CBD component.

The THC component may cause red eyes, increased heart rate and mouth dryness. Other effects may include slowed reaction and loss of balance. In worst cases, memory loss may sometimes develop.

Meanwhile, the CBD component can cause exhaustion and dizziness. Appetite changes and diarrhea may likewise occur.

Which product should I look for?

People react to cannabis differently. Hence, this makes it difficult to rely on other people’s judgement. Some may choose based on studies and facts and some just enjoy a particular strain of cannabis at any time.


Sativa typically grows in places like Africa, South East and West Asia and central America. These areas have hot and dry climates. Aside from its appearance which is thin and finger-like, they can also grow up to 12 feet.

Sativa has a high dose of THC but low dose of CBD. This makes it useful for energy boosting and reduction of anxiety.

Sativa products for sale includes:

  1.       AK-47
  2.       Banana Tangie
  3.       Cream Jack
  4.       Forbidden Fruit
  5.       Jack Herer
  6.       Lemon Jack
  7.       Mimosa
  8.       Orange Cookies
  9.       Orange Creamsicle
  10.   Sour Skittles
  11.   Sour Tangie
  12.   Sundae Driver


Indica is native to countries like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. They have dry, turbulent and harsh climates. Indica appears to be short with bushy greenery, wide and broad leaves. It grows faster than sativa.

Indica possesses a high dose of CBD but low dose of THC. This is good for pain relief and relaxation. It can also be an appetite booster.

Indica products for sale includes:

  1.       Firewalker OG
  2.       Platinum Bubba
  3.       Purple Punch
  4.       Rollex OG Kush
  5.       SFV OG
  6.       True OG


This is a combination of different plants which is bred for specific effects.

Hybrids are grown in farms and greenhouses from sativa and indica strains.  Each type of hybrid has a unique level of THC. Thus, its use can range from stress relief and reduction of anxiety to pain relief for cancer.

Popular strains for sale includes:

  1.       Banana Punch
  2.       Blackberry
  3.       Cereal Milk
  4.       Cherry Gelato
  5.       Cookies & Cream
  6.       Do-Si-Do
  7.       Durban Poison
  8.       Gelato
  9.       Gorilla Glue
  10.   Juicy Fruit
  11.   Jungle Cake
  12.   Koolato

Many more strains are being developed which aims to meet consumer demand.

How can you choose which product is best for you?

Consider these factors in choosing the type of weed for sale you should buy:

  •         The method of consumption. Weed for sale is used in many different ways. For instance, smoking provides a faster effect compared to eating weed.
  •         Drug-to-Drug interaction. Always keep in mind that cannabis is very interactive with other drugs. Therefore, it would be best to consult with your doctor if you are taking current medications.
  •         Your body’s Response. Listen to your body. This will help you decide on which strain is enough. Furthermore, this will also help you determine which strain causes more side effects.
  •         Know which result you want. Do not hesitate to ask. Sellers of cannabis often gives advice on which product is best suited for your demand. Thus, this narrows down your options. Additionally, it will save you time and money from experimenting with different strains.


The Bottom Line

The safest way to experience and please your curiosity on weed is by talking to a professional. It may be a doctor and other healthcare provider.  Besides, you can also ask for a consultation with a cannabis clinician.

Finding the right weed takes time, research, and inquiries. Therefore, how you choose between products determines how you experience the use of cannabis.



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