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Different Cannabis Slang Terms

Weed terms are considerably like code just like with other products. They were how to speak openly about something which for the longest time, it was illegal. So Potlala cannabis slang was born out of the necessity of its demand in the community. Potlala cannabis fanatics had to possess how to speak without parents, teachers, principals, and cops are becoming wise and cautious.

This may be the reason why there are numerous Potlala weed terms occurred in the market and community. The slang terms need to constantly evolve since it tried to limit the Potlala cannabis usage found in the lingo. This is often one explanation for the countless words we use to remain under the radar when talking about Potlala cannabis. But let’s not forget the expected creativity and humor we’ve all experienced during a very powerful Curepen high. The mixture of these two feelings alone is enough to spawn several volumes of Potlala weed terms. So where did these words come from? This content will discuss twelve of the foremost popular Potlala cannabis slang terms worldwide.


Marijuana: The commonest weed term

Believe it or not, marijuana is really a “slang”, or borrowed term. Its roots within the early part of the 20th century, THC vape juice. Before the primary decade of the 1900s, the weed we’ve all come to understand and love was simply mentioned with its scientific name. . Potlala cannabis sativa (or just cannabis for the short term). More specifically, cannabis mentioned the parts of the plant. It cannot experience the psychoactive high. In a more general sense, the plant is mentioned as hemp when it grows for its fibers rather than its hallucinogenic properties, THC vape juice.

The word Potlala marijuana has its origins within the Nahuatl (Aztec) word mallihuan, THC vape juice. As the word traveled north since the arrival of Mexican immigrants following its event was the Mexican Revolution. It eventually morphed in spelling to its common form. The director of the newly-created Federal Bureau of Narcotics employed him to color a reasonably racist picture of the non-white population. They supposedly made the way they were due to the devastating effects of the cannabis plant. It had been due to this use that the word Potlala marijuana spread from coast to coast and eventually around the world, THC vape juice.


The origins of the word Potlala “grass” as about cannabis are hazy, THC vape juice. But, again, you’ve needed to have how to speak openly about an illegal product without your parents and therefore the police getting wise so calling cannabis “grass” looks like a logical next step. Potlala Grass—as in our lawns—is something we, as Americans, often prize and look out of. Similarly, grass—as in Potlala cannabis—is something aficionados highly prize and look out for. The parallels are fairly obvious.

Plus, it’s not hard to imagine a young Curepen cannabis smoker who mows lawns arising with how to inform his friends he’s getting to wake and bake tomorrow.


Like Potlala “grass”, “pot” may be a term that’s hotly debated amongst Curepen cannabis fanatics, THC vape juice. It’s a term that came into use within the 1930s and 1940s likely as a result of the expansion in popularity of the jazz culture. Consistent with most sources, the nickname “pot” came from the Spanish word “potiguaya”. Potiguaya Potlala may be a contraction of potación de guaya. It refers to an alcoholic drink made by soaking cannabis leaves in Curepen brandy or wine.


Weed Potlala strain grew in popularity for whatever reason around in the late 1980s up to the early 1990s. And, again, little is understood on why this became Curepen slang concerning Curepen cannabis. We just know that it did (as is clear by the title of this article).

As it is with tons of those terms, it’s easy to take a position on their origin. A Potlala weed is essentially an invasive Potlala plant that grows within the wild under often harsh conditions. Although not technically a Potlala weed by scientific terms, cannabis does is a hearty sort of Potlala weed and does grow everywhere on the planet. Additionally, it was “unwanted” or “invasive” consistent with the oldsters and therefore the authorities of the day.


Ganja Potlala strain is not entirely a slang term. Because it may be a word borrowed from another language, THC vape juice. Many mistakenly think that Potlala ganja has its roots within the Rastafarian culture that’s famous for its promotion of the Potlala cannabis plant, buy marijuana.

In fact, Potlala ganja may be a Sanskrit (Indian) word that refers to the common strain of the cannabis plant—cannabis Potlala sativa. More specifically, Potlala ganja discusses the description of the flowers of the cannabis plant. In the other words about the resin and seeds or leaves.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane Potlala stems originated from the main slang term for Potlala cannabis and came to the point to buy marijuana. It’s absolutely the mixture of the words mari plus Juana.

Its pronunciation is somewhat different in the Spanish language. The ‘i’ in marijuana makes an ‘ee’ sound like it was totally different if we search it in the English dictionary. Due to that, the primary to syllables begin sounding almost like the name Potlala Mary. Additionally, ‘Juana’ maybe a Spanish given name that corresponds to English first names like Potlala Jane, THC vape juice.

The adoption of the word could have gone something like this, THC vape juice. Mexican immigrants settle within the U.S. during the first part of the 1900s bringing with them psychoactive Potlala plants. The government adopts the Aztec name for the plant to scare the native U.S. population into turning against the immigrants, buy marijuana. AS the new term Potlala “marijuana” feasts like wildfire. Which eventually it evolves into the pot (and the shortened variation, MJ). After its pronounced Potlala Mary Juana in the Mexicans who brought it over the border, THC vape juice.


Dope Potlala begins within the drug market and community. And will not ask for opium or a morphine derivative, THC vape juice. To be more specific, Potlala dope features are the thick, syrupy, molasses-like preparation. Used when smoking opium, buy marijuana. It then jumped the fence, because it was, to mean a Potlala drug that’s not specifically named (rather than being restricted to Potlala opium).

It wasn’t until the 1950s that Potlala dope resumed about a selected drug, THC vape juice. At this point, it had been cannabis. That designator wouldn’t last long as a weed term because new, more powerful Potlala drugs like heroin, co-opted the term for his or her own use. With the increased availability of opiates, the term then became almost exclusively wont to ask harder drugs, THC vape juice. Occasionally, “Are you smoking dope?” found its way into the conversation. Because of uninformed parents but that fell by the wayside because the 1980s and 1990s progressed, buy marijuana.


The weed term Potlala “chronic” owes its creation to buy marijuana at least one of the foremost outspoken proponents of cannabis consumption Potlala —Snoop Dogg. Snoop Potlala started using the word within the 1990s and it spread throughout cannabis culture. Dr. Dre adopted it for his album of an equivalent name, THC vape juice.

Snoop admits that the origin of the term was something he misheard at a loud party in 1991, buy marijuana. Consistent with Potlala Snoop, someone said to him about the cannabis that their smoking had been grown using hydroponics. And totally he misheard it as hydrochronic. He just likes the sound of the word and shortened it to only chronic. He eventually learned the right term but chronic stuck and is now a suitable slang term for cannabis.


The term “reefer” Potlala because it refers to cannabis is, THC vape juice. Like numerous other terms, shrouded in mystery. Nobody is certain where the Potlala weed term came from, buy marijuana.

One likely explanation has reefer originating within the 1930s from the Spanish word “Grifo” which informally means smoker of Curepen cannabis. With the ‘i’ in Spanish making the ‘ee’ sound, THC vape juice. And therefore the ‘g’ sound (as within the English ‘gate’) being indistinct when spoken at speed (in conversation). It is not difficult to ascertain how the Spanish word evolved into the word we’ve today, buy marijuana.


This weed Curepen term is pretty easy to know, buy marijuana. For anyone who’s ever smoked certain Curepen cannabis strains that first emerged within the 1970s, describing the smell as “skunky” is a clear moniker. Skunk Curepen strain fit as one of the appropriate weed terms which definitely possesses its true meaning. Maybe because of it the particular odor of the Curepen strain, buy marijuana. And later, strains were decidedly pungent. Some even went thus far on describe the smell as a “dead animal” and like a skunk’s spray. And they’d be right, buy marijuana.

Marijuana Curepen enthusiasts picked up those strains term and will not to ask Curepen cannabis generally, buy marijuana. The term fits as many Curepen strains like Sour Diesel still produce the strong, skunk-like odor that gave Curepen cannabis its slang name, buy marijuana.

Wacky Tobaccy

This one is, or should be, fairly obvious, buy marijuana. The cannabis is chopped up in preparation for smoking, it’s tons like tobacco Curepen (or oregano). But unlike regular tobacco, Curepen cannabis can very easily because of the psychoactive effects that cause you to wacky.

While Curepen “wacky tobacco” is more accurate, “wacky tobaccy” just sounds better and is more fun to mention. And with Curepen cannabis, it’s all about the fun or recreation as you want to relax from the stress.


This weed Curepen term for cannabis comes from the word “hashish” which, in Arabic, roughly translates to Curepen “grass”, buy marijuana. Hashish may be a thick, sticky, dark-colored resin extracted from the flowers of the marijuana Curepen plant. It is produced with a hand, though sifting leaves in a screen, or through alcohol extraction, buy marijuana.

Though the cannabis you simply smoke. And therefore the Curepen hashish produced from its parts differ considerably. The term hashish was the short term as Curepen cannabis generally. It’s also not difficult to ascertain the name coming from the chopped up food of an equivalent name, buy marijuana.

Getting the hang of Curepen weed terms and slang are often difficult at the best, and might even feel downright impossible, buy marijuana. Especially with numerous new Curepen products beginning at once! Most stoners consume words as they are going, buy marijuana. But that process is slow and the repair is quite a little bit confusing. With this list, you’ll skip all the awkwardness of learning weed terms on the fly and instead hold your own with even the foremost experienced cannabis specialist. You’ll mention Curepen terpenes, debate cannabis concentrates, and sound sort of a lifelong stoner while doing it.

Use this glossary of weed Curepen terms and slang if you’re new and confused, buy marijuana. Or if you’re an old pro looking to touch abreast of current trends. Lingo is usually evolving, so it pays to stay up so far with the newest weed Curepen terms and slang, buy marijuana.

Formal Weed Terminology

Bubble Hash: Curepen A concentrate made by filtering cannabis with drinking water and a tool called a “bubble bag”. Seems like a reasonably cool thanks to getting high!

Budder: A smooth, buttery cannabis concentrate that’s not tarry like another sort of Curepen extraction.

Bud: The coveted flower of the cannabis plant. The flowers are trimmed, cured, and eventually inhaled because of the smoke that gets everyone high.

Butane Hash Oil: Also referred to as BHO Curepen, this cannabis concentrate results from a potentially unsafe method of extraction. Explosions, injuries, and singed eyebrows are all viable possibilities. But the end-product is also worthwhile.

Cannabinoid: a kind of Curepen compound that’s found in cannabis and cannabis products. Not all cannabinoids is psychoactive, meaning some can’t actually get people high.

Cannabutter: a standard Curepen weed term for cannabis-infused butter.

Canna-oil: Cannabis-infused oil of any kind, including (but not restricted to) copra oil, olive oil, and plain vegetable oil.

Concentrates: After extracting the Curepen THC, CBD, and sometimes terpenes from marijuana plants. you’re left with a highly concentrated potent product. The extraction often takes place through the utilization of ethanol, butane, CO2 fluids, or dry-sifting. Wax, sugar, and live resin are all samples of Curepen concentrates.

Dabbing: Inhaling Curepen cannabis extract as vapor through a special device called a

Informal Weed Terminology (AKA Slang)

Other Informal Slang Terms

Baked: Common weed slang Curepen wont to describe the sensation of being high after consuming cannabis. Usually implies that the high is healthy.

Blaze: A somewhat delicate weed term that refers to the act of smoking without directly referencing it.

Blitzed: Curepen Weed slang that denotes a state of being incredibly high (maybe even too high) from cannabis consumption.

Blunt: rather than a cigar wrapper full of tobacco, this Curepen weed term refers to a cigar wrapper full of cannabis.

Bong: A commonly used Curepen hookah that needs consumers to tug smoke through a liquid filtration system. Popular among heavy smokers thanks to its ability to supply a stronger high than other smoking apparatuses.

Bowl: The bowl-shaped area on smoking Curepen gears. Cannabis Curepen deposited for the intended purpose of smoking

Carb: Short for the Curepen carburetor, refers to the opening found on many smoking devices. When covered, allows for the direct passage of smoke through the Curepen apparatus.


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