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What do you think about when you hear the word weed? Dreads on a dude? Posters of Bob Marley and lava lamps? Vaporizers that resemble Star Trek: Deep Space Nine spaceships? Yes, you are correct. But you’re also mistaken. Because, in 2015, with legal marijuana spreading like a fat bong rip across the country, there are plenty of people bucking the old stereotype—including some highly brilliant, ambitious, and motivated people who are out-earning their colleagues. Here are some of the things they have to share about weed for sale.


Let’s face it. Most individuals use marijuana for this reason. THC is what causes the high from weed for sale. THC travels from your lungs to your bloodstream and then to your brain when you smoke marijuana. It connects to receptors, which are components of particular cells. That is the source of your happy feelings. Marijuana can also be found in baked goods such as cookies and brownies. These are referred to as edibles. They enter your bloodstream via the digestive system.


The compulsive focus state that comes with getting high is one of its trademarks. Snacks are sometimes involved. That can sometimes lead to you watching cat videos on YouTube. But what happens when it’s directed into a project? A small amount of weed for sale can go a long way.

Smoking at the early stages of a project. This includes research, development, macro investigation, meta comprehension, etc. Smoking weed for sale allows me to connect to ideas more creatively and authentically.

Smoking aids in the natural direction of impulses. Furthermore, it makes work feel less like work. It’s like the difference between reading a novel and reading an academic paper: smoking allows me to sink my teeth into new topics and concepts. It’s like having a brain blitz while doing R&D with a spliff. You’ll be ‘highly functional’ if they’re full with annotations and notes.

Some people believe that smoking makes them more attentive and careful.  Being high on weed is just a technique to get way into something. With this you’ll get into focus on the work you’re doing. If anything, smoking weed slows them down so they can double-check their work.


There is, however, a drawback to the laser-like focus that comes with becoming high: forgetting everything. Abe, who works in IT for a multibillion-dollar computer firm whose services you use on a daily basis, prefers to start his day with “a good fat dab” of butter to go with his cup of coffee. He is very proactive about setting alarms for everything in order to keep on top of his to-do list. He says he use Google Calendar to set a ton of alerts and recurring items like bills, he writes, mostly Siri and Google Now. (Google is better, but they’re both handy.)


When people leave the office on weekdays, they usually have stuff they need to finish. When they get home: side projects, e-mails to react to, or work needs to prepare for the next day. People who smoke weed usually late at night do it as a wind-down before bed. It’s a way for them to feel great and that they’ve earned it.

Almost everyone I know feels the same way about using weed for sale as a means to reward yourself at the end of the day. Also, it is an important part of their productivity loop. Especially when their minds are running a mile a minute during the day. Sense of attaining a goal and then obtaining a reward definitely resonates with people over time. Treat yourself like a dog, but weed as the bone.


Obviously, there are benefits and cons to getting high on weed for sale that are unique to each person (I’m sorry!). So, you’ll have to experiment to see what kinds of things weed makes you better at. Some people have been using weed for sale for more than a decade. Because of that it no longer affects their consciousness, or mental process. With practice, distractions will not bother you. Not even when you’re hungry. You just have to really get used to your method.

However, you should avoid operating heavy machinery, juggling sharp, pointy objects, or lighting things on fire. Anything dangerous honestly. And there’s no concrete or established approach to dealing with your stuff. As they say, you are a unique snowflake. It varies. Some people say that every time they smoke, they feel sluggish and cloudy-headed the next day. Nevertheless, the day after smoking, they feel fully normal and like themselves again. No change, no lingering effects, nothing at all. For some people smoking weed for sale is better than drinking.


How weed affects productivity highly depends on the person and the type of activity they are doing. To avoid unwanted events, make sure to start slowly or talk to a professional.

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