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Marathon OG: What should you know about it?

Marathon OG is often known as “Marathon Kush.” It is a powerful indica marijuana strain created from a hybrid of OG Kush and a variety of other strains. Additionally, it has euphoric and soothing effects that can be overwhelming to a first-time user.

A brief History on Marathon OG

Marathon OG is a top-notch partnership between late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Along with breeders at The Cure Company, created in Los Angeles. Nipsey Hussle was a rap legend, and this strain is dedicated to him.

Marathon OG is a direct link to one of cannabis culture’s most revered figures. His favorite strain is OG, and it’s a part of his legacy. This Indica strain is excellent for improving mood, alleviating pain, and encouraging slumber in even the most seasoned of smokes.

Marathon OG’s flowers deliver a powerful, cerebral stimulation on the front end. But it is a full-body melt on the back end. It has a distinctive citrus and clove-like fragrance.

What composes Marathon OG?

Marathon OG is a 70/30 Indica/Sativa variant of the well-known OG Kush strain. However, it is an Indica-dominant phenotype.


Indica is a marijuana strain. It has high CBD content but a low THC content. It can also be used for pain treatment, relaxation, and hunger stimulation.

Indica is also indigenous to India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey. Indica thrives in dry, windy, and severe environments. Furthermore, when compared to sativa, Indica grows faster.


Sativa is another marijuana strain. THC levels are high in Sativa, whereas CBD levels are low. This also makes it effective for anxiety reduction. It also helps with production of energy.

Furthermore, sativa thrives in regions with hot, dry conditions. Africa, Southeast and West Asia, and Central America are all included. Additionally, it takes time for them to mature.

OG Kush variants typically require a semi-humid environment. This is similar to that of Southern California, where it was developed. Take the time to explore the strains you plan to cultivate, as you may discover that your outdoor climate isn’t ideal for some of them.

OG Kush is in a variety of songs. The strain is well-known for its strength and capacity to keep you high for several hours at a time. Expect couch-lock with OG Kush. This is used for treating insomnia, anxiety, and hyperactivity in patients.

Percentage of THC

Marathon OG contains between 21 and 24 percent THC. Expect to get little done after smoking this. Your head will be foggy, but your mood will be boosted. If you are not cognitively well, smoking this will most likely result in a nap on the couch.

Benefits of using Marathon OG

Marathon OG contains up to 1.5 percent CBD, which isn’t a lot. Some people are unaware that THC can also be extremely beneficial. Other cannabinoids work together to provide treatment to patients suffering from a variety of ailments.

When states realized the medical benefits of marijuana, it became significantly more mainstream. This adaptable plant can help with a wide range of health issues. Marathon OG can aid in the treatment of the following medical conditions:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Depression
  3. Fatigue
  4. Prolonged pain
  5. Stress
  6. Muscle Cramps and Spasms

Additionally, some studies suggest benefit from the use of THC on the following conditions:

  1. Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Disease affecting immune system like HIV/AIDS 
  4. Glaucoma
  5. Mental health conditions such as Posttraumatic stress disorder and Schizophrenia

Different choices on Flavor & Aroma

Marathon OG has a flavor that is both citrusy and spicy. The aroma is earthy yet herbal, making it appealing to the majority of cannabis consumers.

The earthy aroma comes from myrcene. It provides a number of health advantages. Patients with insomnia have been reported to benefit by creating serenity. Aminal Mints and Cereal Milk are two strains that are strong in this terpene.

Caryophyllene is a fast-acting pain reliever for consumers. This terpene is found in strains like Gelonade and Rainbow Chip, and it has a black pepper flavor.

Limonene has anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and energy-boosting properties. The terpene gets its name from the lemon flavor it has. Green Crack and Blue Cheese are two strains that contain this terpene.

Strains with comparable tastes but different THC percentages can give you a tasty hit. While allowing you to choose how high you get. Gorilla Cake and Lemon Cookies are two strains that taste similar to Marathon OG.

Final Thoughts

Marathon OG is just as important to try as it is for rap lovers to listen to Nipsey Hussle. It’s a great strain to unwind after a hard day because of the high.

When cultivating marijuana outdoors, it takes a combination of knowledge, experience, and a little luck. These elements, as well as the genetics of the seeds you buy, will determine how good your marijuana grows. You may develop an all-time best crop for yourself by enlisting the services of an experienced gardener.

Marathon OG cannabis is for chronic fatigue, depression, stress, muscle spasms & cramps, as well as chronic pain. It has calming and relaxing effects, as well as the high that precedes them.

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