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Marijuana as Edibles Versus Smoking Marijuana

Upon hearing the word marijuana, people would typically have themselves imagining something that involves smoking. This image has always been the popular representation of marijuana in probably most parts of the world. If you belong to the population of typical people, you will indeed find yourself in a delightful surprise. The truth is that there are actually many ways of taking marijuana into the human body. The most popular method is by smoking. However, you will find out as you read further in this article some other ways of taking marijuana.

Although there is already a significant part of the population that knows more ways of taking marijuana other than smoking, there are still those who are clueless. It is actually delightful to read further as throroughly presents the different methods of taking marijuana. Indeed, what you are about to find out about marijuana will bring you into a more pleasant euphoria. Moreover, this article will also present to you both advantages and disadvantages of each method. It is always wiser to know more about something before drawing out a decision, right? So, read on and get yourself more knowledge about marijuana use.

A Closer Look at the Chemical Components of Marijuana

To start a more thorough encounter with the basics of marijuana use, it is wise to take a grip on its composition. This is actually the time wherein you realize the practicality of the lessons that you had with chemistry. Finally, you came into the part of your life where you finally get to use your learning from your chemistry classes. A closer look at the chemical composition of marijuana means taking a review of your chemistry classes. Other than its chemical composition, you will also be having a glimpse of its biological composition.

However, if ever you feel already too disconnected from those learnings, there is no need for you to worry. This throrough presentation by is something that is easy to understand even by beginners.

Technically, marijuana has THC, which stands for delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol to buy cannabis oil online. This fact is already famous with a lot of people, including those who newbies to marijuana. THC is an essential component to buy cannabis oil online. It basically functions as a collaborative agent to the vital parts of the human body. The THC, as a cannabinoid, actively interacts with the human body’s neurotransmitters. This interaction between the two essential components makes it possible for the brain to receive a signal to get high. Thus, the pleasant euphoria happens to buy cannabis oil online.

Studies reveal, however, that the human body reacts differently to the presence of THC to buy cannabis oil online. Accordingly, the difference is significantly due to the manner of marijuana intake and buy cannabis oil online. It turns out that some people enjoy the benefits of marijuana more when they smoke it. On the other hand, there are also those who find themselves better by taking it as edibles.


Having these individual differences, it makes more sense to look into the different methods of marijuana intake and buy cannabis oil online. Such would provide one a reasonable basis before making a choice whether to take it as an edible or go with the classic smoking.

Smoking Marijuana

Evidently, a popular way of using marijuana is by smoking it and buy cannabis oil online. Looking more closely through the process of smoking, the THC component reaches its way into the lungs. Eventually, it goes into the human bloodstream. Thus, it successfully makes its way into the human brain and buy weed online usa. Technically, the lungs function as a filter to the delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol and buy weed online usa. However, it can only do so to some degree and buy cannabis oil online. Studies specify that approximately 50 to 60 percent of the THC makes its way into the human brain. When this happens, the pleasant euphoria becomes a reality.

Generally speaking, taking in marijuana through the means of smoking gets one high at about 5 to 15 minutes from inhalation. A lot of people would really say such an estimate is an understatement and buy cannabis oil online. Evidently, the process really goes so fast to the delight of its users to buy cannabis online. The delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol amazingly reaches out its peak within the span of 15 minutes at an average. Moreover, the delightful results last up to a maximum of two hours and buy weed online usa.


Other than that, the following facts also add up to the delightful experience with marijuana through the process of smoking:

  1. Taking in marijuana through the process of smoking is one sure way to get the delta9-THC into the human body. This guarantees an amazing journey towards a pleasant euphoria to buy cannabis online.
  2. In just a matter of 2 minutes, it is already possible to feel the effects of marijuana in the human body through the means of smoking.
  3. The blissful experience generally peaks out at around 15 minutes from the start of inhalation to buy cannabis online. However, it easily goes down about an hour later.

Marijuana Edibles

Another way of taking marijuana is by directly eating it; this is what marijuana edibles are and buy weed online usa! Like any other thing that goes into the body by eating, it undergoes the digestion process. To describe it more clearly, the delta9-THC reaches its way into the person’s stomach rather than to the liver and lungs.

By taking marijuana as a food, an oven becomes essential to buy cannabis oil online. One must try to stick to the right ways of preparing the weed to buy cannabis oil online. Of course, as an edible, you take it along with your favorite dish or whatever recipe that you like. It is best to follow the suggested boiling point of 314 degrees Fahrenheit for THC to buy cannabis oil online.

Following the most suitable temperature will guarantee an ideal level of quality in terms of its effectivity. Indeed, any temperature that goes way beyond the 314 degrees Fahrenheit will come up with something that could possibly overwhelm your taste buds. Have it in the oven until it becomes golden brown for about a maximum of 40 minutes. Give it some time to chill out, and voila, it’s ready! You may now start grinding it until it reaches out into its most correct texture and buy weed online usa.

Difference in Dosage

Both ways of taking marijuana, smoking, or as food, would have to take serious concerns when it comes to dosage. The general rule when it comes to taking any substance into the human body is always the best advice. As always, taking too much of something will never be right and buy cannabis online. Of course, too little of something will also be equally not good to buy cannabis online. Thus, people will always check out whether they were able to stick to the most correct dosage and buy weed online usa.

However, as the human body generally reacts differently to delta9-THC and 11-hydroxy-THC, the safest way would also vary individually. Thus, it is best to start low and slowly increase it depending on how your body reacts to the substance to buy cannabis online. As to taking it by smoking, it is more comfortable as one can instantly feel the results. On the other hand, as a food, one has to be extremely observant of his or her body to notice the strength of the effects of the substance. Again, it is best to start low. Then, one can always increase the dosage slowly, according to his or her personal choice and buy cannabis online.

Which is Best, Smoking, or Taking it as Food?

Generally, people who stay too careful about their lungs and liver stick to marijuana as a food and buy cannabis online. Apparently, there are those groups in society who believe that eating goes way better than smoking. Typically, the liver of a human body changes the delta9-THC into the substance 11-hydroxy-THC. The change happens because of the metabolic process that is part of digestion. The new substance in the name of 11-hydroxy-THC holds a higher psychedelic effect way beyond the delta9-THC. Thus, the differences in results with reference to smoking versus taking edibles when you buy weed online usa.

However, it is essential to remember that people may react differently to the presence of either delta9-THC and 11-hydroxy-THC. Some people feel all good with delta9-THC, but there are those who find themselves extremely glad about 11-hydroxy-THC. Thus, the difference when it comes to choices between smoking and taking it as food when you buy weed online usa.

Apparently, either smoking marijuana or taking it as edibles will definitely bring one into a pleasant euphoria. Thus, there is really not much to the issue of whether the other way is better than the other when you buy weed online usa. This fact clearly points out to the reality of the user being the sole entity who will choose, of course, according to personal choice.


Again, defining which is best among these two ways of taking marijuana solely depends on the individual’s personal choice. Although it is good to listen to other people’s reactions to specific dosages and buy cannabis online, it is best to observe yourself. Your body may react differently; thus, do not just carelessly follow through other people’s dosage. Doing so might put yourself in grave danger and buy cannabis online. Remember, never put yourself at risk due to incorrect dosage when you buy weed online usa.

Safety Measures

Equally important to being careful when it comes to dosage is the quality of marijuana and buy cannabis online. Making sure that you will only be taking into your body only those of the best quality is essential and buy cannabis online. Of course, excellent results only come from perfect quality when you buy weed online usa. Thus, make sure to get your supply of marijuana from an exceptionally reliable site. To ensure the quality of your stash, buy from because it has the best reputation. More than that, they are famous for having the privacy of their client at the highest priority when you buy weed online usa.


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