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You’re not alone if you suffer from dysmenorrhea. Period discomfort affects around 80% of women at some point in their lives. Period discomfort can strike at any age, from early adolescence through menopause. During menstruation, most women suffer some discomfort, especially on the first day. But, for 5% to 10% of women, the discomfort is severe enough to cause them to miss work. If your mother had period pains, you’re more likely to have them as well. Premenstrual symptoms include bloating, sensitive breasts, lack of focus and mood swings. Some may experience clumsiness and exhaustion as experienced by 40% of women. Because of this, period pain is one of marijuana for sale companies’ reasons for marijuana for sale.


Menstrual discomfort can take relief from marijuana for sale according to Jordan Tishler. He is an MD and the CEO of medical cannabis clinic InhaleMD. Also, he is from Harvard Medical School Instructor of Medicine. THC, not CBD, shows pain-relieving effects. Yet the majority of menstrual marijuana for sale products on the market only contain CBD.

Some animal studies suggest that CBD may have a pain-relieving effect. While other studies suggest that it may reduce inflammation. Felice Gersh, MD, is a founder and director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine. He says period pain is a result of an increase in inflammatory hormones called prostaglandins. Thus, marijuana for sale — whether it contains THC or not — may help with menstrual pain by reducing inflammation.


Here is a short evaluation of period products according to Tishler and Gersh.


With 30 milligrams of CBD. Chasteberry, magnesium, and calcium, CBD Capsules claim to ease PMS symptoms. This includes acne, cramps, and irritability. According to Gersh, it’s unknown how CBD would interact with the other chemicals. To the extent that it might help with these concerns. Tishler notes, there isn’t enough data to justify the use of any supplements.

When it comes to the idea that marijuana for sale can aid with PMS, THC is more effective than CBD. But it may assist to lower anxiety. So, if this is a symptom you have before your period, it may help.


Red Moon released a line of menstruation pads loaded with 10 milligrams of CBD. This is an idea that doctors are wary of.

Gersh noted that menstrual blood would saturate the pads. This would appear to be a negative to its potential. Connoting the delivery of efficacious amounts of CBD to the pelvic organs. He also noted that this does not appear to be a viable delivery mechanism. for marijuana for sale-based products as a menstrual cramp treatment.


If nothing else, Phasey’s hemp-infused period chocolate may please your menstrual chocolate cravings. He noted it’s acceptable if the purpose is to have a sweet snack while also receiving some CBD. Edibles have a considerable effect when it comes to delivery, she added. Still, for the most pain-relieving impact, it’s best to pick an edible that contains THC.



Odisea sells a “CBD Period Patch” that contains 40 milligrams of CBD. It includes the heating ingredient bentonite and claims to reduce period pain. It’s difficult to determine whether this could be useful. Little fact is available on how transdermal patch delivers CBD and its impact on period pain. But, one study suggested it helped with inflammation.


Tishler notes the cannabis company FORIA makes suppositories with 100 mg of CBD.  It is for menstrual cramp relief. But these aren’t guaranteed to work. It is because cannabinoids aren’t well absorbed through the vagina.

But, according to Gersh, these could, to some extent, concentrate CBD in the pelvic area. That’s presuming, of course, that CBD can help with pain in the first place.


Some online sources recommend CBD oil and other tinctures for menstruation discomfort. While THC tinctures may also help, according to Tishler. He found liquid dosing to be less exact. Thus, he recommends eating them rather than putting them under the tongue. As per recommendation. He notes most oil-based tinctures are not actually absorbed under the tongue. In short, until they’re ingested, they’re completely useless.


According to Gersh, Sheabrand sells a period pain roller. It contains menthol, arnica oil, and other essential oils. Ingredients that lack enough research. Tishler is leery of topicals in general because they don’t have a good delivery system. He notes that this topical application will offer optimal transdermal absorption.


You should consult a doctor before buying the latest product on the market.  This is if you want to use cannabis to treat period pain or PMS. Oral cannabis comes in capsules or liquid solutions. This is what Tishler recommends most often for patients with menstruation pain.

To summarize, do your homework and don’t believe everything you read. But, because most of the study is still inconclusive.

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