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The Truth About OG Kush Strain – Buy Weed Online

OG Kush is one of the all-time favorites and a classic one. Among the cannabis newbies and while users alike. Not many of them understood the genetics of this kind of strain. Even the heredity of the product. But what’s known is the unparalleled medicinal potential and a comforting, earthy flavor profile of the crop. So if you are looking for a strain that is easy on the palate, this strain is certainly worth a try. Since it can give great medication in easing the pain of all sorts in it. 

Accordingly the structural backbone (founding father) of the many first-rate West Coast cannabis strains, OG Kush has been one among the primary popular. The sorts of buds of this product are greatly available on the legal market even in an online store in recent years.

And although it owns a very good reputation that’s nearly as famous as Pineapple Express or White Widow, and buy weed online. The roots of this exciting cannabis strain still largely remain a mystery and the story unfolds. With little known about the genetics or ancestral lineage of OG Kush weed, the paranormal appeal of this often beloved weed for sale phenotype has heightened.

The potency of OG KUSH

Fortunately, lack of understanding about this flower has not been removed from the strains especially to the medicinal world because of its weed for sale potency and to buy weed online. 

But its cannabinoid profile has led to the expression of various additional OG phenotypes. Helping spawn other legends gone on to become favorites of patients and stoners alike so you must buy weed online.

Even to the current day, there are new relatives of OG Kush cannabis being developed by “420 geneticists, buy weed online. Assuming that is because the strain boasts a potent weed for sale high, tasty flavor, and has an extended list of medicinal benefits. In fact, marijuana geneticists simply cannot recover from the top-shelf quality of -based cannabis strains. And it seems that their customers can’t both deny it and buy weed online. 

What makes it OG Kush Cannabis?

Providing the foundational backbone of multiple world-famous weed for sale cannabis strains, OG Kush derived from an account to a legend for revolutionizing the marijuana industry. It is also considered rising to its current status as number one of the foremost popular contemporary MMJ strains.

Most experts classify the OG Kush strain as a hybrid one. Although it is just a sort of little information about the true genetic origins of this crop. There are rumors claiming the strain could also be a mix between parent plants Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush.

These rumors have in fact never been confirmed. But the origins of OG Kush will not be a concern anymore nowadays. Because the effects it has on the planet of weed for sale cannabis are truly conclusive. In fact, a mess of succeeding phenotypes was bred from OG Kush The bulk of them, gaining huge popularity among both the medical and recreational markets.

Are you aware that OG Kush is not like to have an issue with other iconic phenotypes like Fire OG, and Double OG?

Of course, one of the most reasons why OG Kush has been used extensively in cannabis genetics breeding is thanks to the weed for sale strain’s high-THC potency. It seems to help many consumers with the spread of medical issues.

With THC levels routinely registering within the twenty to twenty-seven percent range, as an example, the punch that OG Kush packs are particularly powerful. Truly an influence hitter for anyone who consumes it.

Worldwide, OG Kush is primarily consumed in some of the places in the U.S. To name a few it consumed wisely in California, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest, buy weed online. So if you like to undertake a chilly batch of this heady weed for a sale cannabis strain, perhaps look to those regions for high-quality specimens.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stuffing your nose during a jar of top-shelf OG Kush and buying weed online. You will learn that the nuggets have one among the freshest scents that nature can produce. Intensely like being lost within a dank, virgin forest in some particular place.

The strain’s aroma is woodsy, piney, and earthy all directly. Immediately hitting your taste buds with an energetic, rabbit-like jab. Moreover, its weed for sale flavor can surprise even the foremost jaded of self-proclaimed stoners. Comprising with none-too-subtle undertones of lime, lemon, and spice. It also has faint hints of a weed-for-sale citrus splash.

Appearance-wise, most would probably agree that OG Kush features a fairly and typical“traditional cannabis ” look, and must buy weed online. Because it features the classic yellow-green sugar leaf color with orange pistils and green. Although sometimes sage-shaded water leaves.

The buds were densely coated with crystalline trichomes. It leads to a perfect sense when considering the OG Kush strain having a heavy THC content. In fact, quite one nook has probably mistaken the trich-laden nuggets for mold, and buy weed online. And heartbreakingly tossed out a number of the simplest weed they might have ever had the pleasure of smoking.

Growing Information

Cannabis cultivators typically find that growing OG Kush is a particularly beneficial trick. Particularly for his or her wallets. The buds nearly always sold out in many of some local dispensaries as top-shelf cannabis. Not only because they’re dank as hell. But also because they supply a number of potential health benefits.

If you want to have this kind of business of marijuana cultivation, OG Kush is without any doubt. Since the staple, a strain that you’ll need to learn is just to master it.

High-grade OG Kush nuggets maintain an absurdly high demand among a number of the foremost reputable dispensaries within the country. The truth is, many recreational cannabis shops love things especially for both tourists and repeat customers. They keep it flying off the shelves just to acquire this weed for sale strain.

 OG Kush is often challenging and at the same time a special crop to grow. However, so it’s important to closely monitor and watch the environment and climate that your plants are growing in. The strain is understood as being weak to a couple of issues that will arise when growing weed for sale cannabis. This includes mildew, bugs, mites, and other diseases. With regular care and monitoring of conditions, however, you might be ready to keep your OGK reefer in restraint.

Points to Grow OG KUSH

You’re boarding on the sometimes hard journey that’s attached to growing OG Kush weed here are some facts that you simply want to know before you start.

  • OG Kush has an eight to nine-week flowering period. This is often pretty average as compared to other strains and buy weed online. Indoors is the best-suited location for growing OG Kush, but make sure to stay in your environment and climate which is extremely controlled.
  • Hydroponics work efficiently if you buy weed online. However, other indoor growing methods also are possible when growing OG Kush.
  • Growing OG Kush outdoors is often an entire P.I.T.A., buy weed online. If you’re taking over the task of for sale OG Kush outdoors, confirm one hundred percent that you simply are within the correct climate. This strain grows primarily in Southern California. So you’ll want to possess weather that is more or less identical. Preferably a hot and tropical climate with a lot of water. And most significantly, regular full sun.
  • OG Kush can provide a reasonably gnarly payday, buy weed online. If all goes well during the growth process and that’s a huge ‘if’. You’ll expect around fourteen to eighteen ounces of cannabis per plant when grown outdoors. Or approximately sixteen to eighteen ounces of marijuana per meter squared when grown indoors. This product may be a generous one. Considered above average as compared to other cannabis weed for sale strains.

If you’re deciding to grow OG Kush weed, there is another content article for that. We recommend the task to discuss and specific with those looking to become professional marijuana growers. For the quantity of labor, there isn’t a big incentive for at-home consumers to grow this strain for private use. Unless in fact, you’re up for a hell of a challenge.


There are many growers of other weed for sale cannabis strains that are easier to plant, grow and cultivate. As they simply do it at home with little experience. For instance, Blue Dream and female child Cookies, just to name a few. That said, never let an honest challenge keep you from doing something you would like. With the right care and preparation, you’ll no doubt grow OG Kush weed for sale and produce a healthy, uber-potent production.

Mind and Body Effects

Staying faithful to its hybrid classification. OG Kush weed for sale is particularly balancing with a high that basically does provide the simplest of both worlds. With a lively mixture of genetic traits, OG Kush typically tests in with a fifty-five percent of Sativa and forty-five percent Indica profile.

After consuming OG Kush, expect strong euphoria and intense cerebral effects to settle in, buy weed online. It often followed with a mild to strong couch-lock. Remember, OG Kush took into account one among the foremost uplifting strains out there. Because provides consumers with a beautiful union of body-melting euphoria and relaxation. Resulting in a calm state of weed for sale mind, buy weed online.

Potential Medical Benefits 

Frequently consumed in MMJ patients for psychological disorders and chronic pain alike. OG Kush is somewhat a super healing kind of strain of cannabis. It has surprised the medical marijuana world with its ability to help with numerous ailments.

In fact, its potent healing benefits are surely one of the most reasons for OGK’s popularity. The massive growth of its popularity stays at the top over the last half-decade. More and more individuals fall in love to take OG KUSH. They are discovering that they like consuming this strain instead of a full-blown Indica. Or better yet, instead of prescription medications that were attached with foul, life-altering side effects.

Those handling stress, depression, and insomnia have discovered that OG Kush is often particularly therapeutic.

Practical Relief

OGK also can provide practical relief from patients experiencing severe and chronic pain. Because the strains’ healthy cannabinoid profile truly helps to relax and numb the sore spots. It can also reduce inflammation and lower neuropathic discomfort.

If you’re using OG Kush for stress, depression, anxiety, or other mental affliction, most experts will recommend only smoking a light amount of OG Kush. Or probably eating a low-dose edible. This is often because over-consumption of THC while handling a mental disturbance can actually do more harm than good. A minimum of in terms of the onset of hysteria and paranoia. So better to know your limits, and stay within those boundaries.

On the opposite hand, if you’re handling insomnia or lack of sleep, consuming a better dose of the OG Kush strain will be of greater benefit. This may help to attack the difficulty head-on, while more or less removing the likelihood of missing out on whole-plant benefits. So as to realize a better dose, you will possibly want to seem for a full-range edibleconcentrate, or another consumable sort of strain.

Possible Side Effects 

The best thanks to avoiding any possible side effects from OG Kush is to use precaution. Especially if you’re sensitive to THC. Know your limits, and be extra careful if you’re weak to  THC-induced anxiety or paranoia.

And in fact, consumers also frequently report xerostomia and dry eyes as a standard side effect when trying out OG Kush weed. But don’t focus on this minor inconvenience since it’s a piece of cake to avoid simply drinking hydrating liquids. And using moisturizing eye drops will be of course as necessary.

Additionally, some individuals felt mild paranoia right after taking the OG Kush strain for the first time. But remembering that you’re high will pass. And maintaining slow, deep, steady breaths can assist with keeping your head clear if you’re browsing any negative thought patterns. Meditation and deep relaxation techniques also can be useful and helpful guidance to overcome it. Overcoming with the dark magic of “THC overdose.”

Final Views

As you are about to finish reading the content, we hope that you simply find this OG Kush review to be not only entertaining. But rather also educational and informative Kush is certainly an important hitter within the worlds of both recreational and medical weed consumption. And if you’ve never tried it before, you’ve needed to make it a priority.

The strain should be pretty easily accessible if you reside in a “weed-friendly” state like Colorado, California, or Washington, and as for those that sleep in other places of the U.S. The fantastic high of OG Kush will certainly be placed on your cannabis bucket list. As you travel the country trying to find the right high.

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  1. It’s incredible to see how many strains can trace part of their lineage back to OG Kush. It truly is one of those flowers that’s given a lot to current industry. Oddly enough it’s not actually one of my personal favs.

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