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Top-Listed Kush Strain: OG Kush

Kush and its Meaning

Talking about the three categories of marijuana may be familiar to you – sativa, indica, and hybrid. Different varieties of weed for sale are categorized in morphology. But do you sound familiar with kush? Kush is an emphasized kind of strain in weed for sale. Originated from a certain place in Hindu Kush highland. Specific location found near the border of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. Thousands of years ago, people growing Kush in this place.

Kush lies between the indica and hybrid classification. Rather than sativa, several hybrid Kush strains occurred. Compared to other weed for sale, Kush contains a sedative indica-like sensation. Causing you to feel sleepy yet euphoric and happy.

Despite the existence of different kinds of strain Kush, they end with similar tastes and smells. Something floral, fruity, and forestry. Known to possess an aromatic scent. And the other citrus tastes with an herbal or peppery flavor. But the majority of the Kush strains are best to use in the nighttime. Since it tranquilizing and producing sedative effects.

OG Kush (Hybrid Class)

The original OG Kush among the group and known to be the best weed for sale. To buy weed online you may consider this one. These are known to produce sedating effects with the feelings of euphoria and enjoyment.

Happiness is like a couch potato. Perfect if you are in a state of depression, anxiety, or insomnia. The uplifting mood is best when you are in social gatherings or set-ups. It will be easy for you to be around different kinds of people.

What good for this strain if you buy weed online is the flavor. Classified as herbal, citrusy, and peppery taste. Though slightly higher in the component of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC level of percentage. Compared to other strains, this weed for sale is known as the highest content of THC in Kush cannabis.

Once you buy weed online, you will experience a calming effect and energizing mood. The most claimed benefits of OG Kush are happiness, relaxation, and euphoria. Though it accompanies some mild negative effects like dry mouth and eyes. But somehow it is tolerable.

This strain contains ten percent of CBD that aids inflammation. Popular to be called feel-good strain. Yet producing paranoia if the product is abused.

OG Kush is a popular strain. Because of its legacy that leaves to the users. Since most cannabis crops vary in quality. Its cannabinoid and terpene levels, more or less the variation, are just the same. Despite the clone from different potency and names. Resulting in the users smoking one strain with two different growers under two different types and names.

Renowned Strain

Og Kush is characterized as a legendary and renowned strain. Because its name gains high recognition including the outside world of cannabis. Emerge strain from undocumented bag seed with phenotype distinction. In which the meaning of OG is original gangster. Implying the significance of the strain is an old-school building block of cannabis. An ocean has grown denoting the origin of the weed for sale. Particular on the California coast.

The best thing about OG Kush is the potency it contains. The THC composition regulates consistently in twenty percent to twenty-five percent. Its appearance has medium to large nugget buds. Having a dense and indica resemblance structure. The leaves befall in yellowish-green look. Though some phenotypic variations have obvious traces of purple. Its effects are the result of anthocyanin pigments. Particles that activate only during cold weather.

Furthermore, the lively orange pistils function to collect the pollen from fertilizing male plants. Standing out against the colorful flowers. Its buds are enclosed with trichomes. Blend in a silvery-white look. Making them sticky as you touch them.

But in prepping the buds to a certain joint or pipe, you may utilize a grinder. When it is cured, the buds of the plant contain an earthy and musty smell. Accented with some citrusy brightness. The general impression made is a hoppy craft beer. Burning or breaking the opening part of the buds.

Offering a pine-like odor of the cannabis plant. Then the smoke of OG Kush weed for sale is usually harsh. Producing cough-inducing effects. Though you may slightly feel the sting of the sinuses. Causing the eyes of the users to water. And the smoke tasted so spicy. Hashy like the classic strain of indica once to inhale or exhale.

OG Kush Usual Physical Effects

OG Kush pungent funk definitely remains for a moment. After a while of extinguishing the joint. Those remnants stay discreet in their smoking as they lead any proper precautions. The high you experience coming from the head is the major focus. Compared to physical effects in other strains.

Usually begins in an abrupt headrush that leads to the users feeling more focused. More sensitive to his or her surroundings and identification of sounds and colors. Intensifying the alteration sensitivity of the senses. Sooner from the start of talking, giving away the general uplifting mood. Progressing its effects to euphoria.

Moreover, the development of focus is not bare only in the cerebral. Similar to more pure sativa effects. Smokers do not struggle from a discomforting sense of rush thoughts. Associating stormy thoughts or mind race. Having a versatile smoke that sets the taker’s mood and mind.

A combination of mental stimulation and mood development are the best effects if you buy weed online. Make OG Kush be unique social cannabis. Best for parties and sustaining lively conversations. A great way in developing activities that involve body and mind. Such as video games, mental or physical exercise, and even sex.

Medical Application Treatment

Many suggest to buy weed online because it can be used for medical applications. Temporarily provides relief of anxiety and depression. Helping the takers to live in the moment. Aiding to focus on their senses especially those people suffering from attention deficit disorders.

Reaching even to the point of treating headaches and migraines. When you buy weed online, you will not regret it. Like any other sativa products, OG Kush is reported to have the potential of paranoia. If you take it with a higher dosage.

This cannabis has the utmost strain relaxing effect. Making the users as giggly and joyous as can be. These characteristics would set the Kush to be different from other cannabis. Having a strong tie to their indica roots. It is very hard these days in the weed world to be resistant to hybrids.

However, those growers of Kush still believe in indica presence. Known to yield flowers with high cerebral effects. Tranquilizing the users in which the bud of the plant fights the illness of insomnia.

Cultivation Factors

This cannabis can be grown either indoors or outdoors. Either of your preference in the cultivation of this cannabis plant. If outdoors, then you need to have consistent temperatures. Around seventy-five degrees of Fahrenheit. While in indoor cultivation, growing is more convenient and simpler for many growers.

Because the cannabis plant is basically short in size and bushy. The plant grows usually two to 3.5 feet tall. For the topping, it is necessary to trim the broad fan leaves. So that it can help light and air touch the flowering nodes in all the branches.

The flower of OG Kush appears within nine weeks. If cultivated indoors. The growers will expect to gain forty-five grams per square foot of the cannabis plants. Meaning that the cannabis pungency must separate the odors of the growing space. Invest in some measures such as carbon air filters or exhaust fans.

Because the mild energizing and uplifting sensation of OG Kush is best during the daytime. The positive high you will so much enjoy especially in some festive gatherings. Best also in any social set-ups or use it alone. Definitely, you will accomplish multiple tasks.

Genetic sustainability is set to back up the popularity of the strain. Buy weed online which is set as a building block. Yielding from successful breeding of bubba kush. Offering some distinct phenotypes of popular cannabis such as Tahoe OG and Alpha OG.

New Current Popular Kush 

SFV OG (Indica Dominant Category)

SFV OG is known to have a more calming effect. Rather than energizing if you want to soothe yourself, this is best for you. Yet still producing a sense of euphoric moments and perfect happiness. Created from the crossover of the product of Afghani.

What makes it interesting when you buy weed online is its benefits. Not only used to those people who have depression and anxiety. But it applies also to those who suffer pain. The sedative result of this cannabis will act as a pain reliever. Act as a relaxer to the person who has pain. Like any other varieties, the usual side effects are dry eyes and mouth.

Banana Kush (Indica Dominant Hybrid Class)

Apart from its delicious name, Banana Kush possesses a balanced effect of calming and energizing. Without having preference from one another. Incorporate with the primary scent of citrus. Having herbal and peppery so close behind.

Literally, the taste gets its name as well as the smell. The flavor and scent resemble the real banana. Type of weed for sale intended for depression and anxiety. Utilize commonly in inducing social setups. You will end up being talkative yet so calm and happy. And the common mild symptom of Banana Kush is a dry mouth.

Wrap-up Words

As you notice there are many commonalities of different kush. Including its benefits and effects provide to the users. Calming yet joyful effects. Though side effects are still there, it’s tolerable. However, each kind of strain possesses unique characteristics. Depending on your desired choice of effects. Whether mind focus or physical focus.

The best thing you can do is conduct further research. For instance, only a couple of strains reported as to be a good fighter in pain. In fact, weeds are not one size that matches all situations. Probably one strain will not suit the fancy of your choice. But if you are longing for high-energy effects, try sativa.


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