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Wedding Cake: Everything You Need to Know!

Wedding Cake strain classifies as rare cannabis. Another term is Pink Cookies. Weed for sale with an exciting background. One of its fascinating features is the phenotypic variation of the plants. From its parent strain. At first glance, it does not sound interesting because the kind of weed for sale is the wedding cake. Contains a different phenotype from its genetic parents.

The seeds crossbreed the other cannabis strain. And there is a random growth of phenotypes. Varied phenotypes grow in old and new innovative batches of marijuana cannabis. These unexpected seeds are called wedding cakes. Wedding Cake’s rare name was created because of its vanilla frosting aroma. With its fluffy buds, pink and purple hues. Visible in sparkling resin feature of the plants. The cannabis strain even received an award as best hybrid weed for sale in 2018.

Moreover, wedding cake refers to an indica-dominant hybrid type of cannabis. Hybrid is the yield product of both sativa and indica categories. Perfectly blended with harmonious sensation to the users. Many speculations up to argument to identify the exact origin of weed for sale. The strain has peculiar cross-breeding of the indica-dominant hybrid of Cherry Pie. And the world-renowned cannabis award-winning strain Girl Scout Cookies.

Wedding Cake Appearance

Similar to an ordinary wedding cake, it may not consist of literal sprinkles or frosting. But once you buy strain online, you may notice the luscious fluffy buds. Having a big sprout of colorful flowers. Normally it has a pinkish-purple hue with orange threads. Considering this strain as prettier as it seems especially when you gawk it with the lenses of your camera.

Nuggets the form similar to a teardrop. That contains trichomes and small hairs. Sticking all around which possess the high content of THC. Incredible sticky consistency elements. One of the highest sought kinds of cannabis plants.

Because of that aroma, you will notice the surprising soil and sour taste. It overwhelms the power of your taste buds. As mentioned, a while, the sugary notes kick in after a little moment. Many suggest using a vaporizer in a low temp setting to achieve its best flavor.

Wedding Cake Aroma and Taste

What you imagine about the taste of this strain is true. The super sweet sugary vanilla frosting scent. Other users define the aroma more on sugar cookie-inspired fragrance. But either way, the aroma taste is accurate especially as you take out the whiff of cannabis.

Furthermore, those users who appreciate the aroma of cake strain will notice the lemon scent. Like a pine that makes the strain to be a great candle producing an incense smell. As you buy weed online, once you taste it, you will notice the tangy flavor. Comparing it to the scent it produced, bit ironic.

Because the sweet and rich vanilla dessert tastes, in contrast to its sour and earthy flavor taste. Though originated from the lemon-like aroma of weed for sale. Unfortunately, this cannabis tastes earthy and sour. But as you take it till the end, a kick of sugary sweetness you will enjoy.

Despite its deceiving term, this cannabis classifies as super potent. Consist of twenty-seven percent of THC level. Some of the popular and respective budsmen have theories that cake strain is a product of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush.

Since the strain crossbred primarily in Southern California. Wherein the Kind Love breeders bring the weed for sale in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. So that many will know the strain and can buy weed online.

Once you consume the cake strain and past the earthy and doughy scent. The next taste is

the rewarding and alluring sweet aroma. Proving its backcrossed genetics combination. Keeping all the significant tart and sugary contents of its own lineage.

Expectations of High

Are you a kind of impatient individual? Then the cake strain is the perfect one for you. One of the fastest reacting cannabis of all time. You will not wait for long to feel the high kick. The high begins basically in the head.

Kicking like the sativa effect, you will notice that your ideas are more intense and speedier. Other users are mostly conscious of being hyper in their physical environment. Take note that when you buy weed online, you have to enjoy it in comfortable surroundings. In which your thoughts will turn into euphoria.

Having a trance-like experience of indica starts the effects in the body. Once the terpenes of indica begin to move the body, you will experience the tingle of warmth spreading inside. The heaviness moving in the entire body is the effect of calm sedation. Because this is the major reason why many people want to take the strain. The combination of mind and body high.

The most the notorious effect that a user can have is the execution of terpenes. It aids

takers who have struggled much in their mental and physical issues.

Wedding Cake Future Holds

As you are having fun in taking the wedding cake, it will progress soon to hybrid. It gives fun and enjoyment to a classified-rated hybrid product. Like the Jungle Cake which cross product of indica potent white fire #3 and wedding cake. When you read further this information, you will learn some magnificent unique plants of this cannabis.

If you are thinking of a visitor, then you may think of a certain party after the ceremony. The effect is somewhat resembling a lovely union and everything. But it has mind-numbingly dull results. It all replies to who the other guests are.

Because usually, marijuana coordinates with the consumption of alcohol. A particular cannabis wedding expo last January 2018 in the place of Lafayette. The main goal is to teach the couple how to associate weed for sale into their future plans. Tastefully and successfully indeed as the wedding cake catches on till the post-wedding party.

Actually, it is not simple to be hands-on in wedding cake seeds. Because many cultivators do not share their secrets in the growth information. Since growing weed for sale the case applies a trial-and-error system. So, your last option is cutting from a female plant once you buy weed online.

Strain’s Ancestry Growing Suggestions

Most of the wedding cakes’ ancestors suggest that cultivation preference is indoor. Using the soil in the growing medium of the plant. Inside you need to set the fan and exhaust system. To allow a bit of humidity in the air. Flowering time generally occurs in seven to nine weeks. And you can yield approximately eighteen to twenty-one ounces per square meter.

However, if your preference is outside. Then make sure that your area is warm, sunny, and slightly humid. Similar to the method indoors, use rich soil like you are growing medium. The crop will be ready for yield in the late weeks of September to mid-week of October. You can harvest with a bountiful of twenty-one ounces each plant. So, success awaits definitely in the outdoor growing of this cannabis.

Highest Test of Content

Wedding the cake contains not more than 0.23% of CBD. And has an approximate of 0.1%. In the end, the THC and CBD ratio lies around 250:1. Though it has a high amount of terpene and beta caryophyllene. Making the same response to high-CBD cannabis such as Harlequin. Thus, the terpene kicks similar CB2 receptors. This cannabis is also a medicinal strain.

Some consumers buy weed online to deal with their anxiety and depression. Because of the uplifting sensation produced with this strain. The extreme high-level amount of THC serves as a mood elevator. Not only that but a strong painkiller.

Many are attracted to buy weed online for musculoskeletal pain. To mention a few arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. A strain to assist you to manage the symptoms of neurological state conditions like Lou Gehrig’s illness.

Likely Effects of Wedding Cake

As discussed above, if you buy weed online this cannabis is extremely potent. Yet it is not the best choice for a particular after wedding party toke. Unless you have a certain plan when you go home. You will experience mild psychedelic highs. Since many consumers testify that it is definitely in high definition.

So, if you are neophytes and buy weed online. This is a little disconcerting to take. Only for experienced cannabis users as the content does not overwhelm them. Fortunately, cannabis helps you to calm yourself. Best choice if you aim for


One way or another for cannabis description, you will experience most likely as a viewer rather than a participant. Even if you are standing amid the crowd.

Wedding Cake Side Impact

Like any other potent high-THC cannabis produces side impacts. Using too much strain will give you some issues. Like the occurrence of cottonmouth and red eyes. There are rare cases of consumption such as panic attacks and anxiety. That is why people are predisposed to these kinds of conditions.

Final Thoughts

Wedding Cake classifies as strong strain. Assists initially to lessen the pain you suffer. Helps yourself to manage your anxiety as well as depression. Has an extreme THC level amount. It feels like you just dab a certain concentrates weed. Though it makes you relax, it is still not recommended for beginners. Or any individuals with low weed tolerance capacity.

Other versions of this strain contain slightly higher CBD content. Associating lower THC amount in the product. It will decrease the occurrence of a side impact of the plant. But always remember that after using it, your mind will invigorate. Breaking out the uncontrollable fit of giggles. Then, you will now feel fun and relaxed. Afterward, you will have a peaceful deep sleep.



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