A Guide to Different Strain Categories

Nowadays, there are many weed for sale products available on the market worldwide. If you are neophyte to strain, the options are overwhelming. Because there are multiple choices in the board that you can choose suits to your taste. The differences between the different kinds of strain products?

The advantages and disadvantages of each product. What are those products that deliver best and immediate effects? What kind of experience that you want to have as you consume cannabis. As you finish reading this informative context, you can find the perfect product for you.

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Flower features of cannabis

The market especially online offered many new and innovative weed for sale products. You can buy weed online at your convenience suits to your taste. But other consumers are still loyal to smoking the best old-fashioned flower. Popularly called bud (flower) which is the smokable portion of the plant.

Simply the process will move through cultivation, harvest, dry, and cure. Before making its way to the dispensary at your respective place. So how to consume the flower of the cannabis plant? The reason why this flower is famous is because of the different ways it is consumed. The variation lies as you can pack it in a bowl. Then smoke it out through the pipe. Using it to take the bong rips. Or possible also by rolling it in a blunt or joint.

Advantages of smoking flower cannabis strain

As mentioned above, smoking a flower is famous. Because it is accessible as you can simply find many kinds of strains in your local dispensary. The more options you have at your own disposal. Then it is more fun to look at the best weed for sale you can enjoy.

In fact, flowers are one of the most affordable cannabis products in town. So this is the best choice for the consumers who have a low budget.

Furthermore, flowers contain high bioavailability that people must be aware. It has a higher percentage of cannabinoids to make it your system. As we compare it to other ways of consuming. Since smoking allows the cannabinoids to pass through directly into the bloodstream. Reaching to the lungs to come up with the result of immediate effect of high.

Disadvantages of smoking a flower

You can’t smoke if you do not have the apparatus. Rolling papers, pipe, or bong are the important apparatus to use in smoking a flower. Of course, the potency of the weed for sale depends on its kind. Thus, the high might be short-lived. In average, the effects will stay from one to three hours from the time you take it.

Unlike with other categories of strain, there is no such standard in dosing the form of the flower. Wherein it can make the user be easy to consume. Positive dabbing makes the user feel the maximum experience of its flavor. While vape pens are more likely convenient and tasteful.

Surely edibles are yummy and not harmful to the lungs. But all of these do not match in smoking a flower to kick back with an L. Putting it to the skies. It is all because you can take time out of your session. Completing the ritual process of consuming weed for sale. Tasting the true plant flavor.

Concentrates features of cannabis

The composition of concentrates is removing the excess plant material. And other impurities of the cannabis plant. Leaving only the most desirable plant compounds. These are the cannabinoids and terpenes. Since all other materials removed, concentrates have higher rate of cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids. Compared to the rates of flower.

Sample products of concentrates are Juicy Fruit, Angry Birds, and Blueberry Diesel.

Way of Consuming

As of this year, there are many variations of concentrates when you buy weed online. Wide variety so wide variety of methods also how to consume it. One way of it is by sprinkling the cannabis flower in a kief bowl. So the potency of the product will increase.

Another way  to enjoy strain experience is using a portable or tabletop vaporizer (vape concentrate). Might be using vaporize concentrate using a dab rig. It refers to heating a glass, ceramic, or titanium nail. Applying the concentrate substances directly to the hot surface of the tool. And immediately it will change into vapor for consumption.

Advantages of concentrates

Concentrate is one of the categories with high potency. You need less of this product for you to feel the effects. It has a rapid onset effects in which you will feel right away after the application.

Disadvantages of concentrates strain to the beginner

Because of the high potency of concentrates, it produced severe strong effects. It has a little going on along the way. Therefore, it is very easy for the users to buy weed online and overconsume. Making them is a very challenging product of weed for sale. Especially to neophyte users of cannabis.

In order for you to have a safe way of consuming concentrates. You require to have a proper set-up. For instance the dab rig or portable vaporizer which needs more money to invest with this hobby.

Edible most features strain

Edibles category are cannabis-infused to food and drinks, whether made either cannabis flower or cannabis concentrate. It appears to be very common. Baked goods, chocolate bars, popcorn, cooking oils and butter, gummies, mints, and beverages.

Sample products of edibles are Gummy candy, Nerd ropes, and Patch dummies.

Way of Consuming

As the name suggests, literally ‘edible’ is made to be eaten. Otherwise of some form that cannabis infused to beverages that were made to drink.

Advantages of edible

Take note that edibles can be consumed without any inhalation process. Considered as the best choice to users who buy weed online and have aversion to smoking and vaping.

Taking edibles is a form of direct one and straightforward. No need to invest any tool or apparatus. All you need to do is pop it in your mouth, chew and swallow. It is manufactured with an exact or specific amount of dosage.

So when you buy weed online and eat edible from the dispensary. You will know right away the amount of THC and CBD you are taking. And this is easier for the users to control their experiences. And most of all they can avoid overconsumption.

Disadvantages of edibles

Compared to smoking and vaping, the weed for sale absorbs directly to the bloodstream. While in edibles are absorbed directly to the digestive tract. So there will be a delayed onset of the effects. On average for edibles, it will take around twenty minutes to three hours to kick in. Potency will surge high as it is absorbed in the digestive tract. Then more cannabinoids will absorb into the system of the users.

But there are other consumers ingesting edibles and cannot feel right away the effects. In this case, it will lead to overconsumption and too-intense long lasting high. Thus the effects will stay still in the body anywhere from four to six hours.

Though there are serving sizes of the products in edible weed for sale are confusing. For instance, one serving of one-fifth of the cookie, what will be the effect? You have to read carefully the label of the product. Otherwise you might accidentally ingest more than single serving of the cookie. Resulting in consuming more than one dosage.

Tincture features of cannabis

Tinctures weed for sale refer to herbal solutions. Buy weed online which is created by steeping cannabis plants – alcohol. Sample product of this is a Cookie factory

Ways of consuming

Usual way of consuming tincture is through sublingually. Meaning to say putting the substance under the tongue. The substance of weed for sale will absorb into the body. Through the blood vessel of the tongue.

So those cannabinoids not absorbed will make its way down to the digestive tract of the body. In which it has the same way of absorption with edibles.  This weed for sale has fair rapid onset during the consumption through sublingual. Imagine as fast as fifteen minutes. Yet sometimes have delay effects also in the same manner with edibles.

Advantages of tincture

Similar to edibles, weed for sale, tincture have exact dosage. Easy to manage your feelings and experience. In the case you do not like the taste, you can combine it with a food or beverage. But expect for a late effect of experience. Since the cannabinoids will absorb to the system of the body. More like the same way in edible.

Disadvantages of tincture

Since tincture weed for sale has rapid and delayed onset. The possibility for an extended high will be experienced by the users. Which does not want to happen to the consumers. And tincture is quite expensive than other cannabis products. Then other consumers do not want the taste of the tincture because of the alcohol content in it.

Topical features of cannabis

Topicals weed for sale refers to cannabis infused products. Lotions, balms, sprays, transdermal patches, or salves are different forms of topical weed for sale. Cannabis products meant to apply directly to the skin. Compared to other cannabis products that give psychoactive effects.

For topicals, it produces localized effects to a specific spot of the body. Area which the topical applied into without a high. Since CBD is absorbed better through the skin. It can deliver a more full-body effect to the users. Sample products of topicals are Lip Balm Peppermint and Ultra Balm Lavender.

Ways of consuming

As mentioned above as you buy weed online, this product applied directly to the skin. Yet there kind of topical like bath salts are specifically used to soak sore muscles. Because it has the ability to ease the discomfort you feel in the body.

Advantages of topical

Actually there is a vast kind of cannabis topic in the market even online one. There are lots of opportunities to search for the best product that suits your taste. Besides still lots of CBD infused topicals, weeds for sale do not have THC in them. In fact, there are places where the availability of the topical are coming from the traditional retailers. As well as also in any dispensaries at your place.

Disadvantages of topical

If you are the user searching for an intoxicating experience, you will not find it in topicals. That is why you have all the reason to choose what is best for you.


Since no one size fits all the solution as you buy weed online. The right product will rely on the different variations and even factors of the product. Factors are your tolerance, your budget and the kind of experience you want to have.

As you are about to finish reading the context, you have now the idea in your selection. When you fully understand the different categories of weed for sale types. You are now armed with essential information about the weed for sale best right for you.

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