How to Spot Leaf of Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Countless cannabis strains are now available mostly in the online market. Showing different types of cannabis with different products of weed for sale. The popular ones are indica and sativa. Along with it is the lesser known ruderalis. And lastly the hybrid as a combination of the other types.

Each one has its own unique features to be known in the public. Which make them as identifiable. To growers the most noticeable part of the plant are the leaves. In this context, you will know how to spot the kind of leaf by just looking at them. You will also learn some insider tips of the different ways in consuming strain for sale.

Indica leaf looks like

In the year 1785, a kind of weed for sale was first named. Grown somewhere in India, the indica leaf is short and stout. It contains seven and nine wide finger-like forms. Then Steven Somoza in  California cultivated the cannabis experience. He exposed that indica dominant strain consist of stocky bush like appearance.

Typically developing fat and wide leaves of the cannabis plant. The indica leaf is short in stature. The reason for the growers as the best choice is to grow the crop indoor. So you will easily spot the indica leaf as you notice the color. It has a deep shade of green that complements the high chlorophyll content of the plant. Pure indica weed for sale are Kush Cake , Purple Kush, and Afghani Kush.

But this weed for sale is classified as a pure strain which is hard to find. Because it is very rare and challenging to find. As mentioned above, the leaf is short and stout. Having seven and nine wide leaf and finger like appearance. In fact the slender sativa leaf has more fingers compared to indica leaf. But sometimes it reaches thirteen leaves.

Sativa leaf looks like

Contrast to indica cannabis plants, sativa fare better than outdoor. Because of its exceptional height reaching to twelve feet. The slender sativa leaf contains more fingers also than indica l leaf. And sometimes the plants make up to thirteen.

Moreover, the sativa dominant genetics typically grow lengthy. Takes longer until it matures and develops skinnier leaves. Besides the size as well as its finger distinction, you can easily spot the sativa leaves through its color. Contains the shade of green.

Pure sativa weed for sale include Jack Herer, Forbidden Fruit and Durban Poison. But some of the connoisseurs are having a debate whether these strains are pure sativa or sativa dominant. Because Jack Herer is eighty percent sativa and twenty percent indica. Depends upon the variety of the plant.

Hybrid leaf looks like

To buy weed online and search for marijuana strain is not an easy task. Because the hybrids are universal. The leaves of these are hard to determine as the plant depends on the favor of their parent strains. In different ways of its foundation. Weed for sale available in the market are White Widow, Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, and Sour Diesel.

Why need to have a little knowledge on how to spot the cannabis leaf?

It is very important to learn how to distinguish cannabis leaf as you buy weed online. Especially to the category of indica and sativa varieties. Useful for both new and seasoned growers in the strain community.

For beginners, it helps them to read the strain leaf. And gives the cultivators an idea how poorly or how flourishing the cannabis crop. As someone said that a new grower must study and learn to read the leaf. It is one of many ways to feel the condition of the plant.

Since the majority of the diseases of the plants showed in the leaf. Like the quick onset of drooping, tip-curling, leaf spotting and pest damage. So to evaluate the health status of the strain crop, make a quick daily check-up. To see the leaves if there are any signs of it. Make it a habit in rubbing your leaves. Turnover and inspect the leaves during your defoliation.

Have a watchful eye on leaves in all stages of growth of the plant. It will help you to familiarize some factors that make the plant healthy or not. And also what constitutes those plants that are struggling.

What to do in cannabis leaves?

Basically, raw cannabis leaves are flexible and treasured. So you need to be extra careful as you trim down the plants. Now let us know the two types of cannabis leaves. These are the leaves you may encounter if you are thinking of growing indica and sativa dominant weed for sale.

weed for sale

A. Sugar Leaves

Coated in white trichomes weed for sale. It is small and grows from the buds or flowers. The process of sugar development is delicate particularly when it matures. If you buy weed online in a legit website, the bracts or buds of the crop will swell. Then gradually develop sugar and fall on its surrounding leaves. These sugar leaves weed for sale rich in cannabinoids. Very useful when trim off during or after the harvesting of the plant.

As you buy weed online, mind the rule of the thumb. Indica strain gives more resin glands. It produces a bigger quantity of trichomes. Thus, indica weed for sale has more sugar leaves compared to sativa cannabis.

B. Fan Leaves

Loading with smaller quantities of trichomes. Though the leaves are larger and broader. Because of this, so easy to protrude from marijuana plants. Same with sugar leaves, fan leaves are very useful. So great for composts or compost tea. Bringing back again to the garden.

Both types of leaves – sugar and fan – have an array of uses. Including its benefits to the kitchen and medicine cabinet in the house.

Few things to do with cannabis leaves

  •   Experiment a raw cannabis juice extracting from the leaves. Pop a handful of leaves into the blender. Sprinkle some other healthful ingredients like spinach, apple juice, ginger, or almond milk. Then you will be amazed with the end product of marijuana milkshake! So yummy, delicious and healthy juice to drink.
  •   Combine a little bit of cannabutter with a pack punch of strong cannabinoids to feel the experience. Then sugar leaves will be the platform for cannabis leaf butter. Afterwards you can spread it already on bread like any other special herb butter.
  •   Fill the coconut oil with raw cannabis leaf. You can use some recipes for baked goods such as cookies and brownies. Or you can utilize the aromatic sensation of cannabis oil or lotion into the skin.
  •   Slice up the leaf and toss it into romaine salad. You can mix it with your superfood fixings such as blueberries and flax seeds.
  •   Blend a potent cup of cannabis leaf tea as you buy weed online. You can squeeze some lemon juice for boosting the immune system.
  •   Drop any leftover cannabis leaf weed for sale. To ensure that no part of the plants go to waste. Everything is valuable and useful.

What are the well-being benefits of cannabis leaf?

Besides supplementing some flavor as a twist to your recipes. There are loads of potential wellness that users may acquire. Because when you buy weed online, a cannabis plant has essential nutrients.

Furthermore, weed for sale plants also contains antioxidant properties. Any other leafy green in the plant is contained in it. Particularly the raw marijuana which boosts the heart to make it healthy. Since it consists of good fats in the form of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

In fact, you can incorporate omega rich avocado or salmon to your diet to hydrate to derive your skin benefits. But in raw cannabis plants it offers some of the similar perks. You need some more fiber in your diet. Because raw cannabis leaves are the best sources. Which helps to solve some digestive issues of a certain person including constipation.

Medical benefits of cannabis leaves

Cannabis fan leaves and sugar leaves are popular to their abundant in aromatic terpenes. They contain antibacterial, antiviral, and even antitumor compounds. Many researchers conducted numerous studies about the possibility of anti-tumor effects. The effects that the cannabis weed for sale terpenes produced.

Since some of which gives good findings about the medication the plant offers. For an instance of myrcene. The richest compound and demand terpene in all sorts of cannabis. Demonstrated the capacity to fight the human breast cancer cells in 2015. Actually the study of weed for sale published in the Journal of the Korean Society Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

The study found out that the terpene cedrene has an essential oil ingredient. A contributing factor to kill also tumor cells in human tissue. So whether the cannabis leaves end in the trash or compost pile, it will nourish the earth. Or if landed into the body, it will nourish your body as they serve as nutritional powerhouses.

End Sight

The leaves are the most spotted and popular part of marijuana weed for sale. Despite the great degree of different local populations of strain. Yet the leaf will not alter its appearance as well as the varieties of weed for sale.

If you buy weed online, you have to know the story behind the leaf. With the three main strains on how to spot its distinction. You need to learn some ideas how these leaves can be valuable.

Thus the leaf of a cannabis plant plays a big role to support the growth and good condition of the plant. Including also the overall health status of the crop. Thus, to buy weed online must be carefully scrutinized. So that you will not regret finding your perfect match. Based on your taste and kind of enjoyment you want to have.


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