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Sativa, Indica, Hybrid: Which One You will Pick?

Exploring the world of weed for sale dispensaries might be overwhelming. The process is like having an adventure to a certain trip in a farmer’s market. Seeing what’s in for this season, what specials they offer, and what rare products they bring.


For dispensaries, they also want to gain similar experience of the others. But to pull what is the best among the rest you have to choose among the three main categories of weed for sale. Sativa, hybrid, or indica? Which is which?

To anyone who is an expert already, this question is very common. But to those who are new in the process of selection and doubts. This guide will help you clarify your thoughts. Everything you need to learn to identify which one is the best is here.

Sativa, hybrid, or indica?


A type of weed for sale that yields more lively and invigorating high. Uplifting the cerebral effects from the strain. Best to use during social occasions and creative activities for a particular day. In the system SHI, the predicted effects of strain are rooted in the genetics of the plant.

Fruity, Floral, and Cerebral Effects of the Strain 

Found the plant in Europe and Eurasia which the cannabis sativa plant is so tall. It has narrow leaves and longer flowering cycles. Grows best in warm weather with a longer period of cultivation in a certain place. The flavor and aroma of the bud itself is much lighter. Fruitier and sweeter compared to indica strain.

Moreover this weed for sale accompanies the mood as happy and sleepy. Much more complex as you imagine. But you can expect happy cannabis sativa-dominant strain weed for sale. Sativa cannabis is among those strains pulling you to the high. Head high to be specific means euphoric buzz.

Because of its uplifting and invigorating characteristics, sativa helps to aid depression. Including ADHD and creativity of the users. Sativa is the product of the genius and brilliance of the group.

Famous Sativa Strain Green Crack, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, and Strawberry Cough.

In fact, sativa effects centered around the mind of the user. The reason why most people call it head high. Most of the users of sativa weed for sale are through smoking. Makes them to be more energized and have better concentration. These effects are best used in daytime because using it at bedtime will cause you to have insomnia.

Why do many people love to use sativa?

Simply because of head high. Many love the effect of head high which dominate the indica weed for sale. Other reasons for being loyal to this strain are the medical benefits of it. Help ease the symptoms of depression and headaches. Decrease nausea and help fight the loss of appetite for some health reasons. And most of all, bettering the concentration of the person. Besides the containment of high amounts of THC and low quantity of CBD.


Indica weed for sale yields more on physical feeling. Great for unwinding and relaxing from a busy day. Best pair to use during movie night or downtime.

Calm and collected cannabis

Originally found in India from the plant of cannabis indica. As you buy weed online it is a sleepy dwarf of two. Meaning short and bush-like. Having large leaves and speedy flowering cycles. Best growth and suited for colder weather to a particular area. Shorter periods cycles of cultivation.

Taste and aroma of the flower are very natural compared to the sweet and fruity sativa. Supplement that level of earthy aromatic umami as experience. Best on delivering a relaxing mood to the person. Help treating insomnia, anxiety and chronic body pain.

In fact, people describe this weed for sale as powerful body high. Because even taking a small dose can wash over yourselves like a big wave of an intense calmness.

Indica weed for sale effects are associated with cannabis culture. Most likely appeared as munchies to help those people who have disorders in eating. Having a sedative effect to let you jump into a couch-lock side effect. Makes you possess perfect content to stay still where you are lying or sitting.

Thus, as you buy weed online, indica strain best usage is bedtime. Or during your free day with zero activities and responsibilities.

Famous Indica Strain OG Kush, Purple Punch and Grand Daddy Purple.

Indica strain weed for sale tends to provide relaxation moments. That is why best to use during night time. Because it can make you feel drowsy in an inappropriate time of the day.

Why do people love to use indica?

Actually there are many causes why people love much indica. Over other options, they prefer to experience body high than head high. Then other than that is the medical benefits they gain from it. Relieve body pain, minimize nausea and increase the appetite. Help treat also the symptoms of insomnia and reduce the anxiety which may lead to depression.

Besides the effects rely on the higher CBD content level of indica than sativa. But most of the indica plants have the same level of quantity of CBD and THC.


Hybrid is a cross-bred type of weed for sale. Tends to produce a spectrum of feelings. Mostly associated with the parent strain either indica or sativa. Pair best in getting out of bed or not. 

Recently, there’s switch happened in the cannabis community. How the budtender and publications refer to sativa or indica. It is because after thriving so hard in the cannabis industry. At last they reach the point of hybridization.

A result of many attempts to find the growers uniqueness and marketable strand of substance for sale. Product of most strains having compounds of both kinds of degree. Actually, there is no particularity in terms of characterizing the hybrid plant. Because the hybrid varies its genetics combination of sativa and indica plant.

The flavor and aroma of the product depends upon the parent strain dominant. In the hybrid category, it refers to the 50:50 ratio. Expecting the resulting effects of both mix weed for sale benefits. If you purchase weed online, you must suit the kind of affects you want.

So this weed for sale is perfectly matched to those who want to have head and body effect. In the absence of the extremes whether anxiety or couch-lock result. But to the beginners, begin in a low potency hybrid product.

Famous Hybrid Strain Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Lemon Haze, and Sunset Sherbert.

To buy weed online, you may read that hybrid created of crossing together sativa and indica. Though sometimes hybrids are structured. From these three or more different kinds of strains. Either the hybrid product in indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. Or even of the two at 50:50 level.

Thus the effects of the users using hybrid will depend on the combination of the strain parents.

Why do people love to use hybrid?

They buy weed online, particularly hybrid for a number of reasons. How they help the users will depend what dominant strain it has. Because there are people who use hybrid weed for sale due to head high or body high. In which not that much potent as expected.

So to buy weed online you must see to it how stronger is the typical strain.

How to choose the best?

There is no such particular guide in choosing. But many people want to use both for different reasons. Some simply want to smoke in a day to feel energized. They buy weed online for sativa. But those who want to have better sleep, they buy weed online for indica. To help them relax and sleep better.

Now if you want balanced high then buy weed online for hybrid. Offers little relaxation and little focus – 50:50 as it seems. Find products which have even in ratio content of sativa and indica.

Sativa weed for sale offers a head high. While indica weed for sale offers body high. For hybrid a combination of the two strains. So choosing what is best will depend upon your purpose.

Discussing about the effects, there are studies being conducted by many scientists. Finding more precise ways of predicting the exact result of strain. Through looking at the cannabinoid content and terpene content.

However, these three main strain categories remain in the limelight of using marijuana. One of the best ways is identifying the kind of cannabis strain from each other’s mainstream culture. So many people think that these categories associate with their cultural definition is the best way. Of knowing the strain rather than scientific based.

This hypothesis is somewhat near to truth. But when it comes to cannabis effects have another story to tell. The effects of cannabis will depend on the kind of people consuming it. Another factor also is the amount of dosage. So how much or whatever kind of strain you are consuming will definitely affect the effects.

End Thoughts

If you consider yourself a newbie to take marijuana drug then start small. And work your way up later in a gradual manner. But if you are experienced then try more on experimentation. Exploring other ways of associating marijuana to your life.

You can look and search for new methods. Like incorporating it in cooking, brewing and aging wine and beer. Or how to rethink certain parties and other social settings. Helping to imbue the benefits of the flower in your daily lives.

In fact, approximately fifty-five million American adults use strain. At least once for the last year. And those thirty-five million adults consider themselves as active users. Meaning to say they use marijuana at least once a month.

Recent studies findings that almost all of those marijuana smokers in the United States are cigarette smokers. And they use it for a valid reason either both medical and personal. Then they do not know literally the distinction between the indica versus sativa versus hybrid.

But no matter what kind of method they use, the product has an attachment label outside. The classifications are indicated in the label and the type of strain plant. All you need to do is take time to read its instructions. For you to avoid overdosing of consuming the cannabis product.


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