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  • Addie’s Edibles – Cinnamon Mix Krispie 500mg


    A viscous Krispie Treats arrives to cool down your bumpy feelings. Taste this typical recipe for your comforts. An excellent mixture of Cinnamon & Cannabis to satisfy your cravings and adds up for relaxation. The savor of Cinnamon makes the treat aromatic.
    Make now this Cinnamon Mix Krispie treats to lure others too. You can do this stuff.

  • Addie’s Edibles – Fruity Mix Krispie 500mg


    An alluring edible taste that reminds your childhood’s favorite treat to freeze you down from stress.Delicious and fruity snacks to fill in your day. Satisfying edible snacks with Dyno-bites. It is an enjoyable medical cannabis Krispie to let you crave for more. This Fruity Mix Krispie is crafted purely by hand

  • AK-47 – Value


    AK-47 belongs to the dominant strain mixes of sativa which significantly combines the different varieties from Thailand, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Mexico. This sativa is very ideal for those who look forward to some relaxation and mellow mood. The remarkable blend of AK-47 consistently brings out impressive flavors and satisfying effects. Specifically, AK-47 could steadily bring out a long-lasting buzz that is very helpful to those who need to keep mentally alert. Also, this AK-47 is best for those who are into activities requiring creativity and some excellent social skills. Generally, it smells earthy and sour. However, some floral notes are noticeably significant in its taste.

  • Banana Punch – Private Reserve


    The aroma of Banana Punch is just delightful to take. The scent of the strain is similar to fruity toffee’s flavored banana. The effects are incredibly amazing with a relaxing overtone. Your body will sense the happy energy, calmness, and soothing feeling. As you hit high, your mind and feeling will settle in a euphoric state.

  • Banana Tangie – Value


    The Banana Tangie is best for those who give so much weight to flavor. This is actually a combination of the subtle flavor of banana and the rich, orangey taste from tangerine. Specifically, the Banana Tangie is popular for its rich crystal resin and its pleasing citrusy scent. Remarkably, flavor enthusiasts note the Banana Tangie for its highly impressive terpene properties, among other things.

  • Bare Rocks – Strawberry Banana 3.5g


    The Strawberry Banana or commonly know as Strawnana is a high-grade Strawberry Banana dunked in wax and shrouded in premium kief. It is an Indica created by DNA Genetics in a coordinated effort with Serious Seeds. A strawberry phenotype and Banana Kush’s genetic cross. It has a sweet fruity flavor the same with Bubble Gum strawberry banana. Famous for its substantial gum creation and high-THC content, Strawberry Banana produces glad, tranquil impacts that hone imagination and tactile mindfulness.

  • Bare Rocks – Strawberry Kiwi 3.5g


    This Strawberry Kiwi is a top graded Indica Dominant Hybrid offered by Pot Shop. It is an Indica weed dunked in wax and shrouded in premium kief. It is created through combining Strawberry and Kiwi Kush. The potency scale of Strawberry Kiwi is 5, the highest scale. The smell is relaxing as you will smell the sweet berry scent of the bare rocks paired with tart citrus scent or after taste. Once used to smoking, you will feel relaxed, euphoric, relief pains, increase of appetite, and even drowsiness. If you are a regular smoker and want to have a high feeling of smoking weed once again, this is best for you.

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