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  • Gorilla Glue Strain - Top
  • Sour Diesel - Top

    Sour Diesel – Top

    $67.08$3,000.00 Select options
  • Cookies & Cream - Top
  • Mimosa - Private Reserve
  • Durban Poison - Mid
  • AK-47 - Value - The Pot Shop

    AK-47 – Value

    $52.00$3,380.00 Select options
  • Godfather OG - Private Reserve
  • Koolato - Top - The Pot Shop

    Koolato – Top

    $67.08$2,586.48 Select options


  • Sale!
  • Sale!
  • Sale! Rice Krispies Treat
  • Sale! Errlli Sour Glowworms
  • Sale! Rice Krispyz Treats
  • Sale! Baribo (Happy Cherries)


  • Sale!

Pre Rolls

  • 1 gram Pre Rolls
  • Super High THC 1 gram Kief/Wax Infused Pre Rolls
  • Sale! Baby Jeeter (Gelato #33)
  • Sale! Baby Jeeter (Apple Fritter)
  • Sale! Baby Jeeter (Churros)
  • Sale! Baby Jeeter (Shirley Temple)

Moon Rocks

No products were found matching your selection.


  • Sale! Rolling Up Shatter - Platinum Bubba 1g
  • Rolling Up Diamond - Tangie Punch 1g
  • Rolling Up Diamond - Ice Cream Cake 1g
  • Rolling Up Diamond - Madman OG 1g
  • Rolling Up Badder - Race Fuel 1g
  • Syringe - Sour Diesel
  • Rolling Up Badder - Lemon OG 1g
  • Rolling Up Diamond - Lemon Drops 1g
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