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BABY JEETER (MANGO SHERBET) – 5 Pre rolls per Bottle


What is Baby Jeeter (Mango Sherbet)?

Mango Sherbet jeeter is an Indica-dominant strain that is the result of a crossbreeding between Mango Trees, Mango Kush, and Sherbert. It boasts a high THC content of 39.79% and can be found in the form of baby jeeter infused Baby 5 Pack. This strain is characterized by its fluffy and resinous buds, which exude a delightful fragrance combining the fruity notes of mango and sherbet. Its uplifting effects make it perfect for embarking on an afternoon adventure or engaging in a creative pursuit. 

How does mango Sherbet taste?

When it comes to taste, Baby Jeeter Mango Sherbet Pre Rolls offer a unique and enjoyable experience. The mango flavour is prominent, providing a sweet and tropical sensation on the palate. The cannabis flower adds an earthy undertone, creating a well-balanced and satisfying flavour profile. Overall, this baby jeeter weed offers a pleasant and delicious smoking experience.

How does Mango Sherbet baby jeeter smell?

In terms of smell, Baby Jeeter Mango Sherbet Pre Rolls have an enticing aroma that combines the sweet scent of ripe mangoes with the characteristic aroma of cannabis. The fragrance is often described as fruity, tropical, and slightly skunky, making it an enticing choice for those who buy weed online and appreciate both mangoes and cannabis.


The ingredients in Baby Jeeter Mango Pre Rolls typically include cannabis flower, mango flavouring or extracts, and rolling paper or wrap. The cannabis flower used in these pre-rolls is carefully selected for its quality and potency, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience.


Baby Jeeter Mango Pre Rolls are primarily used for recreational purposes. They offer a pleasant smoking experience that can enhance social gatherings, provide relaxation, and promote a sense of well-being to those who buy weed online. The combination of mango flavour and cannabis effects creates an enjoyable and uplifting experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Benefits of Baby Jeeter Mango Pre-Rolls

It is renowned for its potential therapeutic benefits such as:

  • It can alleviate 
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Pain
    • Insomnia
    • Appetite loss, and depression
  • The enjoyable and flavorful smoking experience
  • Combination of mango flavour and cannabis effects
  • Can enhance social gatherings and promote relaxation
  • May provide a sense of well-being and upliftment
  • Convenient and pre-rolled for ease of use

Side Effects of Baby Jeeter Mango Pre Rolls

The potential side effects are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Short-term memory loss 
  • Potential respiratory irritation or coughing due to smoking

Where to buy BABY JEETER (MANGO SHERBET) Online?

You can buy Mango Sherbet Baby Jeeter online from any authentic and reputable weed shop such as The Pot Shop. At our online store, we provide different types of weeds for sale, concentrates, cannabis and many more.


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