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Warheads Sour Medicated Chewy Cubes (500mg)


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Warheads Sour Medicated Chewy Cubes (500mg)

Warheads acidic Medicated Chewy Cubes are a confection with an acidic, fruity flavor and a chewy structure. They are referred to as “medicated” because they contain a trace of citric acid, which is commonly used to alleviate signs of moderate indigestion. The cubes are available in a range of varieties, including watermelon, blue raspberry, black cherry, and green apple. 

How does it work?

Buy weed online like Warheads Sour Medicated Chewy Cubes stimulate the taste cells in the tongue, particularly the sour receptors. The candy’s acidic flavor is due to the addition of citric acid. When you put a Warheads Sour Medicated Chewy Cube on your tongue, the citric acid interacts with your saliva, producing a sour flavor experience.


Buy edibles online legal like  Warheads Sour Medicated Chewy Cubes are a confection rather than a medicine, they do not have a suggested dose. They should be consumed in moderation as a delicacy or snack, and they should be consumed in suitable quantities as part of a healthy diet.


Sour WarHeads 500mg THC for Sale do not provide any major nutritional advantages as a candy. In the limit, they can provide some pleasure as a delicacy or snack. Furthermore, the candy’s acidic flavor and chewy texture can provide a distinct visual experience that some people enjoy.

Side Effect

Buy edibles online like Warheads Sour Medicated Chewy Cubes in excess. However, excessive confectionery intake, including Warheads Sour Medicated Chewy Cubes, can result in several negative adverse effects, including:

  1. teeth disease: The high sugar content of sweets can cause teeth decay and cavities, particularly if oral care is neglected.
  2. Weight increase: Consuming too much candy can add to an unhealthy diet and lead to weight gain, particularly if eaten more than the daily calorie requirements.
  3. Digestive issues: Consuming too many sweets can result in digestive issues such as bloating, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea, particularly in people who are susceptible to high sugar consumption.

Ingredients Of Warheads:

 Buy Warheads (500mg) Online components may differ slightly based on taste, but the following is a summary of common ingredients:

  1. Sugar
  2. Syrup made from corn
  3. Corn starch that has been altered
  4. Citrus Juice
  5. Acid Tartaric
  6. Sodium Citrate
  7. Flavors, both natural and artificial
  8. Color has been add. (varies by flavor)
  9. Blue 1, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40

How to store?

 Buy Warheads (500mg) Online  storage suggestions:

  1. Store them in a cold, dry location.
  2. Maintain them in a sealed receptacle.
  3. Keep them away from kids.

Buy Warheads (500mg) Online 

 Buy Warheads (500mg) Online from our pot shop at very flexible and friendly prices Edibles for sale have been show to have analgesic qualities, making them possibly helpful for chronic pain management.


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