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The Basics of Marijuana: Edibles vs. Smoking

The Basics of Marijuana: Edibles vs. Smoking

At this point, you might really be feeling too much curiosity about marijuana for sale usa consumption. You might be thinking about what the difference between edibles vs. smoking could be when it comes to using marijuana for sale usa. Well, that is probably not a surprise. Although smoking is pretty popular with marijuana users, the edible type of marijuana for sale usa seems to puzzle a lot of individuals. For this very important topic, the experts at thepotshop present this quick guide meant to orient you about marijuana for sale usa consumption. In this article, there will be a discussion on the following topics which are really useful when using marijuana:

  • a simple but comprehensive review on the chemistry of THC
  • a focus on the important role of decarboxylation
  • information on the right dosage for edibles and smoking in marijuana for sale usa
  • how to maximize the benefits from edibles

Read further on, so you will see how amazing these two ways of consuming marijuana for sale usa are. Other than that, you will also know the advantages and disadvantages between the two when you buy weed online usa. With that, deciding about which way suits you more as you journey with marijuana for sale usa becomes easier.

The Chemical Composition of THC

As you went on with your academic life, you could have probably thought about your lessons’ applicability to the real world. Well, it is actually a common scenario when buy weed online usa. Everyone went through that stage when buy weed online usa. What makes it funny is how it usually turns out the same after school. However, since today is your lucky day, you will finally get to use your knowledge about chemistry. It is definitely the time for you to recall all those learnings and start using them as you read further.

This article will tell you more about the chemical properties of weed for sale usa. Also, this article will also tell you more about weed for sale usa with reference to its biological properties. However, if you happen to forget all of these from school, there is no need to worry. We will take all these matters in such a way that it feels like a review when buy weed online usa.

To start this really right, keep in your mind that weed for sale usa contains THC. Basically, that fact is already famous for everyone, including the newbies in the world of cannabis. In chemistry, people call THC as delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a cannabinoid that works together with neurotransmitters within the brain to, among other things, get you high. The remarkable thing about THC is that your body handles it differently according to how people consume it. Technically, people either use it either by smoking or as an edible when buy weed online usa.

Consuming Marijuana By Smoking

When a person smokes weed for sale usa, the THC moves through his or her lungs, into his or her bloodstream, then to the person’s brain. To make this article clearer and more understandable, we will call the THC as delta9-THC. Generally, the lungs actually filter the delta9-THC to some extent. However, 50 to 60 percent of this substance reaches the brain from the blood, which makes a person feel high.

That entire procedure, from beginning to end, usually happens really fast. The peak concentrations of delta9-THC come anywhere from 5 to fifteen minutes after your first inhalation, in an average joint. Then, the results begin to kick off in a short span between one to two hours. Were you able to imagine that? To further make things easier for you as you read on, keep in your mind the following facts:

  • Smoking marijuana for sale usa actively gets the delta9-THC into your system buy weed online usa.
  • The results of the delta9-THC to your body are often felt soon (at the foremost, within a couple of minutes).
  • The peak of the high usually occurs around quarter-hour after inhalation and may be gone an hour later.

Marijuana as an Edible

When a person eats weed for sale usa as an edible, the delta9-THC substance goes through the person’s stomach than to his or her liver. This actually the most straightforward and most reader-friendly way to explain this when buy weed online usa. Most people hold a thorough understanding of the different stages of the digestion process. In the person’s liver, the delta9-THC substance undergoes the metabolic processes. In chemistry, we simply call that “transformation process.” Technically, the material transforms into 11-hydroxy-THC. After the transformation, the differences between consuming weed for sale usa by smoking or by eating becomes clearer.

11-hydroxy-THC is a substance that features a far more psychedelic effect than delta9-THC. That distinction in results explains the obvious contrast as to how a person feels after smoking and after eating marijuana. The difference between the way a person feels after smoking weed for sale usa and how a person feels after eating marijuana. If a person’s experience goes only up to smoking marijuana, then reading further would surely add to his or her surprise. The difference lies greatly upon how these two ways affect a person’s high feeling.

Other Factors

One factor that causes the differences between smoking from weed for sale usa is timing. Keep in mind that you will feel the results of smoking soon after it starts dispersing into the person’s system. With a person takes marijuana as an edible, the timing stretches out. This happens because the THC has moved through the person’s gastrointestinal system. Soon after that, it goes through the person’s cardiovascular system going further to the person’s brain. This means that a person simply has to wait in a span of 60 to 120 minutes to feel the results. When the substance finally kicks in, the results can remarkably last longer, like 6 to 10 hours.

Well, edibles obviously sound really the best. You will surely agree with that.  It is definitely more intense and comes really high. Its effects on the person also are remarkably long-lasting when you buy weed online usa. This usually makes people want to hustle out and start baking some brownies just like that. But just prior to sprinkling out some weed into your ready-mix, there are some things about the chemistry of marijuana that you simply got to understand.

The Important Process of Decarboxylation

Raw weed, such as you patronize your local dispensary, is generally non-psychoactive. This is because the human gastrointestinal system is not capable of processing marijuana plant-matter when you buy weed online usa. Supposedly, this process has to happen as this is how it brings from the bloodstream to the THC. The plant-matter has to undergo the process of decarboxylation. To simplify this process, this is like “baking.” Such a process has to happen first before the substance can start working very efficiently when buy weed online usa.

How to Use Marijuana as an Edible

When a person smokes marijuana, the decarboxylation starts immediately as the plant-matter starts burning. But when marijuana becomes a staple ingredient of your all-time darling recipe, you would like to use heat without damaging the cannabis. At this point, an oven comes very useful and definitely handy. The following is an easy way to decarboxylating your marijuana:

  1. Start by preheating the oven ideally to 240 degrees Fahrenheit or equally 115 degrees Celsius. Always remember that the preferably, the boiling point for THC is 314 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, using temperatures that come higher than that will surely ruin your bud. Temperatures of ovens can differ quite a bit, so using a thermometer to be precise is useful. Use it to measure the inside temperature of the stove accurately.
  2. As you work on, you may actually just grind or tear the marijuana into smaller pieces. This part will help in ensuring that the weed does not come together on the pan.
  3. Let it cook in the oven for 30-40 minutes. You may check it out and see if it becomes golden brown.
  4. You may now take out the pan from the oven. Allow it to chill out for a few minutes.
  5. You may now start grinding the toasted weed in your kitchen appliance. This process may be up until the weed looks perfectly coarse.

After that, you may now start enjoying your favorite recipe with a generous taste and touch of marijuana. What a remarkable way to enjoy the benefits the marijuana has to offer your body.

Variation in Dosage Between Smoking and Edibles

At this point, you may probably be holding your best understanding of the comparison between smoking marijuana and taking it as an edible. Apparently, the results of smoking marijuana come instantly, even just in minutes. Since its user can instantly see these effects, he or she can easily control his or her overall experience with marijuana. It is easier to smoke more if the person feels that he or she still needs more when you buy weed online usa.

Oppositely, if a person already thinks that marijuana is already kicking in, then it is also more comfortable for the person just to stop. This way, the dosage solely relies upon the person’s observations of himself or herself when you buy weed online usa.

On the other hand, what a person experiences with smoking is not possible with marijuana edibles. The human body’s metabolic and digestive processes relatively differ from one person to another. Some people go through faster metabolic rates; others seem to be slower. This is definitely all right, and there is really no need to worry about this.

It is just that you have to remind yourself of the individual differences you have with other people. When taking edible marijuana, some people might be automatically feeling it kick in. At the same time, some people will possibly need a longer time to explore the marijuana kick in. Although there is really the existence of delays, people still get the same results. It is just that some people see results instantly, while some have to take a longer time.


Because of these differences, there are those who feel impatient about the delays they have with marijuana edibles. These people will have to understand that delays come around the metabolic and digestive processes in the human body. Thus, they only have to be more patient with their respective bodies when you buy weed online usa. Anyway, the effects of marijuana, once it starts kicking in, is surely worth the delay when you buy weed online usa.

Best Ways to Take Edible Marijuana

The most wonderful way of taking edible marijuana is by starting out with small amounts first then increase it after some time. For people who enjoy variations, experts suggest 0.001 grams (or 1 milligram) as the starting point of the dosage. This dosage, then, maybe relatively put into a higher level if the person feels the need to increase his or her dose.

However, never increase the dosage just as swiftly from little to more significant amounts when you buy weed online usa. Keep in mind that your marijuana journey is a trip to enjoy. It does not take your destination yet, so just enjoy the trip. Enjoy the ride, and do not just rush into some quick dive.

The Advantages of Smoking and Edible Marijuana

Generally speaking, both ways of consuming marijuana are perfectly well. The amazing things that marijuana does to the human body come the same way either by smoking or edibles. Both approaches bring out amazing benefits. To give a clear emphasis on this fact, read further.

Edibles are more comfortable to use as one can quickly sprinkle this into food and even salads. Edible marijuana definitely goes better with your salad and will surely bring out its pleasing effects until hours later. A lot of people sticks to edibles because of its being really discreet. Also, edibles are far from causing complications for your lungs as a person never inhales the way smoking does. Moreover, its effects can generally last the whole day. What adds more to it is that you will not need any equipment every time you want to give it a go.

On the other hand, smoking holds more fun for some people and appears really cool to do than eating. Apparently, smoking also goes more social, and its very fine to go with it even when people surround you at parties. Moreover, smoking is a faster way of consuming marijuana than eating it as an edible.

Which is Best for You, Smoking, or Edibles?

Determining as which is the best way for a person to use marijuana largely depends on the individuality of the person. Of course, it will entirely rely on personal preference. Whichever way the appeals more to the person, so be it. Generally, when people feel uncomfortable with, either way, he or she can always switch to whichever he or she prefers.

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