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Which is Better to Consume? Eating or Smoking Marijuana?

Each one is unique. Even in consuming marijuana, people have different methods. Some people prefer to take weed for sale without spliffing between on their fingers. While other users play safe through eating infused brownies with marijuana extract.  So, the big question now – Which is better to consume marijuana? Eating or smoking weed for sale. Is there any difference in terms of experiences?

As you go on reading this information, you will gain enough thoughts about what will be the answer. Those advanced users will definitely know the difference. Between smoking or vaping or ingesting cannabis. Preferences among people definitely vary based on their taste. But the general idea in the world of cannabis. Eating weed will give you a powerful and intense high. While smoking is predictable and manageable to deal with. Why does it differ? Let’s find out.

How Do You Consume Strain?

Aside from dabbing and vaping, smoking and eating edibles are the go-to ways of marijuana consumption. Either you choose the traditional stuff of spliff or blunt. And using pipe or bong depends upon your choice. On the other hand, eating brownies and cakes come along the way of also taking marijuana. You can even eat tasty gummies that will make you feel like a kid again on a certain Halloween night. Remember that edibles can be in form infusion in the coffee, wine, and ice cream.

Ways to Test the Potency

As discussed above, the high you will enjoy differs how you consume it. To buy weed online then eating cannabis is quite different from smoking marijuana.


When you eat weed for sale, the glaring is different. It takes a while before you experience the high, the fun and enjoyment. But once it reaches the peak of high kick. You will know the presence of the substance. Because as you ingest the infused food, the liver starts to metabolize the THC. Changing it into a metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC. Its process has a more potent and longer life. The reason why is that it is much more intense in general.

On the other side of the smoking strain. If you buy weed online and smoke it, the THC component travels to your brain. In an instant, it moves directly to alveoli in the lungs. The main reason why it takes minutes before you enjoy the high.


The onset of smoking and eating marijuana has been the topic of many information drives. Whether on an online basis or face to face. The experience has a great influence on the users. In a smoking way, it is better to learn the amount of THC in your product. Because it really matters how much you take. Whatever the instant effects you experience on the first toke. So, it is important to pause for a while and take a break. Knowing that you are still in control over the situation.

But in the case of edible food it is quite different. The onset will kick in an hour or so. Because it’s natural for people to have an illusion of not feeling anything. During the first hour or more in consumption, you are urged to eat more and more. And that is a big NO to deal with. Especially if you are still a newbie to marijuana journey.


Keep in mind that once you buy weed online, if you smoke the devil’s lettuce. As users you have instant hit and shorter flight. After taking the first toke of weed for sale, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Meanwhile, the euphoric feeling and glued to the couch. Expect this happening for about an hour or two before the substance will subside. Moreover, if you want to be buzzed, more kicks and hits will bring you back to the previous dimension you are.

On the other hand, as you buy strain online it has another story to tell. Once you feel the kick, you will afloat for the next four hours to eight hours. Can you imagine, even the veteran Snoop Dog avoids eating edible food? Because of his claim about it, edibles “ain’t got no off button”.


Eating marijuana produced more than smoking marijuana. The reason behind the distinction is how the weed for sale is processed in the body. As mentioned above, THC turns to 11-hydroxy-THC. Once it enters the body, it moves directly to the stomach and liver. Metabolites contain higher affinity in CB1 receptors to the brain. Making the kick stronger and more powerful.

Moreover, when we talk about potency, you need to consider the level of your tolerance. Because some users feel completely fine after eating edibles. While other users feel that they are closer to tripping. Comparing the feeling of high after consuming the half square of the product.

But if you buy weed online then smoke. It produces unusual effects than edibles. Marijuana flowers have THC in the appearance of THCA. The exposure to the heat element changes the molecule to THC. This progression is termed decarboxylation. And the new form of cannabinoid will travel to the lungs through the bloodstream. Then moving up to the brain where the substance binds to CB1 receptors.

Not like edibles, smoking produced an instance effect. It allows the users to be in control over their experiences. They have the liberty to decide on having one toke at a time. Until they kick the sweet spot. Though the users can mellow to their preferable experiences. Even in large dabs, moon rocks, and concentrates such as Rolling Up Badder offer more intense enjoyment compared to edibles.

How to Dose?

Given the discussion above about the variation of onset, potency, absorption, and duration. The dosage varies also whether you smoke or ingest the weed for sale. Since the potency and potential matters, experts suggested to consume edibles in ten milligrams serving or less. For instance, you have 100milligrams THC-infused chocolate bar. Better to cut the bar into ten part equally.

Yet there are other factors with your experience in eating edibles. Like your body weight and having or not food in the stomach matters. If you have an empty stomach it develops potency to the kind of high you will enjoy.

But when you buy weed online and take more. You need to wait for at least an hour. Take the next or last dose before another bite. Pause for a while in the first ten milligrams for it to take effect. Before moving on to the second piece of chocolate bar.

Therapeutic and Dietary Benefits You Will Gain in Raw Marijuana

To buy weed online corresponds to great responsibility. Taking control over smoking weed for sale. Most people just play to their ear in terms of dosage. If you want to be accurate with the amount of THC. Learn the percentage indicated in your weed for sale choice. Doing further research or asking somebody who is an expert in marijuana will work.

For the numbers, there is an artless rule to that. Just multiply the milligrams to the THC percentage of your weed for sale in decimal. In this formula, you will know how much herb you will consume. The product will give the accurate amount of THC you will have.

For example, if you utilize a joint weighing five hundred milligrams like White Widow. It contains fourteen percent of THC, then you will have the product of seventy milligrams of THC. Looking at these numbers will identify the person’s tolerance for weed for sale. The beginner will be overwhelmed in taking ten milligrams of THC through a joint.

What to Do if You Consume Too Much Weed?

It cannot be denied that in some people the dosage is too much and gets too high. In smoking, any discomfort experience will subside in few minutes. Opposing to the hours you will have if you buy weed online in edibles. As such, smokers will just merely put down their joint. Hydrate themselves and eat some food. Before they regain their head to be clear.

But in edibles, it is very necessary to take precautionary measures. Have something to eat and drink then get some fresh air. You need to go along with the discomfort you feel for about an hour or two. Fortunately, you are not fatally overeating on weed for sale. So, rest assured that you will go back to normal for the next few hours.

Is vaping and ingesting marijuana good to the body? The answer will depend on how you define the word healthy. Because if we are discussing respiratory health, of course smoking is dangerous. Can cause death even in the future. Filling your lungs with any substance produces carcinogenic ends.

But in cannabis, one of its ingredients has anticarcinogenic properties. That is why many people take a dab rig or vaporizer to reduce the inhalation of toxins from the weed for sale. So, it assumes that less smoke corresponds to less lung damage. Fewer chances for experiencing any discomfort feeling and throaty cough.

Now speaking about the nutrition facts of eating edibles. You know eating cakes and gummies do not have an equal balance of diet. Since it gives you an additional level of sugar. If you are not conscious of this part, it leads to bigger health problems in the future.

Final Thoughts

Smoking weed for sale to a person with lung problems is harmful as eating edibles to a person with diabetes. Like any other things, “too much” is not good. So, if you take everything in weed for sale in moderation, nothing to worry about.

Above all, it all matters of your choice. There are those people who do not want to filly any substance on their chest. Thus, choosing to ingest the marijuana. But those marijuana users who cares about the calorie’s ingestion. Prefer to splice or pipe in their hand. As they say, different strokes to different folks.

Nowadays, there are many ways to enjoy cannabis. You can infuse it in less sinful treats. Infused the weed for sale extract in guacamole or make it into olive oil. Mix it to your salad dressings. Be creative enough for you to come up with a personalized cannabis delicacy. Sharing it to others for them to enjoy also. The bottom line is taking the herbs in a way that makes you smile. Just sit back, clear your thoughts and ride along with the high.


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